sports idioms and sayings

Everyone loves sports, don’t they? Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or professionally, watching it on TV or gambling on it. You have to admit, sports are rather quite fun! There are many different sports which date back to the beginning of time, so there’s no wonder we have a whole bunch of idioms, expressions and sayings related to sports.

Are you a good or a bad sport?
Do you get along swimmingly with your boss?
Who was the last person you told to jog on?
Do you work for a major player?
Have you ever been let off the hook for doing something bad?
Have you ever won anything by a nose?
Name a potential partner who is out of your league?
What was the last habit you kicked?

Not sure what any of these idioms mean? Then look no further. I’ve compiled a list of the most common ones and divided them into individual sports.

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list of different sports

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Did you know… many sports expressions are used in business? Well, you do now! It just so happens that I have a business idioms section too. What are you waiting for, head there now for more idioms with pictures.