Do you carry a torch for anyone at the moment?
Have you ever been on a double date?
Would you like to tie the knot?
Have you ever two-timed a partner?
Would you try speed dating?
What age is best to settle down?
Do you know anyone with a bun in the oven?

Haven’t got a clue what any of these expressions mean? This section is for you.

Scroll down to see some picture idioms and expressions about love and relationships.

break up idioms

Let’s kick things off with idioms about breaking up. I bet everyone reading this has had a break up at some point in their lives.

Now, break up is a phrasal verb that is commonly used to describe a couple ending their relationship and separating. Synonyms include:

  • Finish – Paul and I have finished.
  • Separate – We’ve decided to separate, we can’t stay together just for the kids.
  • Split up – I can’t believe Anna and Peter have split up, they were such a lovely couple.
  • Part ways – Marco and Lucas have parted ways, it just wasn’t working.
break up phrases and sayings
break up phrases - a shoulder to cry on
break up phrases - at loggerheads
break up idioms - bad blood
break up phrases - break someone's heart
break up idioms - break up with someone
break up sayings - call it a day
break up phrases - catch with one’s pants down
break up idioms - cut the apron strings
break up sayings - dump someone
break up sayings - go separate ways
break up idioms - hung up on someone
break up idioms - in the dog house
break up sayings - on the rocks
break up idioms - part ways
break up sayings - play away (from home)
break up phrases - plenty more fish in the sea
break up phrases - show someone the door
break up idioms - the course of true love never did run smooth
break up phrases - walk out on

dating idioms

Next up is dating. If you don’t know what it is, i’ll fill you in.

Dating is when you spend time with another person to figure out if you like eachother and are compatible. This can include eating at restaurants, going to a bar, cinema etc. If everything goes well, the couple can then decide if they want to make it official and start a relationship.

dating idioms
dating idioms - absence makes the heart grow fonder
dating idioms - arm in arm
dating expressions - ask someone out
dating idioms - attracted to someone
dating expressions - bae
dating expressions - better half
dating expressions - blind date
dating expressions - chat someone up
dating idioms - crazy about
dating idioms - double date
dating idioms - fall for someone
dating idioms - fancy the pants off someone
dating idioms - friend zone
dating idioms - get serious with
dating idioms - give someone the cold shoulder
dating idioms - go out with someone
dating idioms - go steady with someone
dating idioms - go through a rough patch
dating idioms - have a crush on someone
dating idioms - have a soft spot for someone
dating idioms - have a thing for someone
dating idioms - have chemistry
dating idioms - have the hots for
dating expressions - head over heels
dating idioms - hit it off with someone
dating idioms - honeymoon period
dating idioms - hook up
dating idioms - interested in someone
dating idioms - Mr-Mrs Right
dating sayings - pillow talk
dating idioms - play the field
dating idioms - settle down
dating idioms - smitten with
dating idioms - smoking hot
dating idioms - speed dating
dating idioms - two-time someone
dating idioms - two-timer
dating idioms - wingman

friendship idioms

Friends! Everyone has them and they make life so much more fun, don’t they? I’m sure you all know what a friend is, but just incase…

Friends are other people who we get along with very well. You enjoy spending time socialising with them and having fun and enjoying life.

friendship idioms
friendship idioms - different words for friends
friendship idioms - as thick as thieves
friendship idioms - banter
friendship idioms - birds of a feather flock together
friendship idioms - bromance
friendship idioms - build bridges
friendship idioms - bury the hatchet
weather expressions - fair-weather friend
friendship idioms - friends in high places
friendship idioms - get along swimmingly
friendship idioms - get off on the wrong foot
friendship idioms - get on like a house on fire
friendship idioms - go back a long way
friendship idioms - joined at the hip
friendship idioms - keep at arm’s length
friendship idioms - know someone/something inside out
friendship idioms - man’s best friend
friendship idioms - no love lost
friendship idioms - play gooseberry
friendship idioms - play second fiddle
friendship idioms - rub someone up the wrong way
friendship idioms - two peas in a pod
friendship idioms - two’s company, (three’s a crowd)
friendship idioms - two-faced

love idioms

After you’ve dated and started a relationship next comes love. Let’s learn some idioms about being in love.

love idioms
love idioms - apple of one’s eye
love idioms - blinded by love
love expressions - carry/hold a torch for
love idioms - for love nor money
love expressions - love at first sight
love expressions - love bite
love idioms - love child
love idioms - love conquers all
love sayings - love handles
love idioms - love is blind
love expressions - love is in the air
love expressions - love nest
love sayings - love of one’s life
love idioms - love rat
love sayings - love to death
love sayings - love triangle
love idioms - loved up
love expressions - love/hate relationship
love idioms - lovey-dovey
love sayings - made for each other
love sayings - no love lost
love expressions - only have eyes for
love idioms - puppy love
love idioms - significant other
love idioms - soul mates
love idioms - the course of true love never did run smooth
love idioms - tough love
love idioms - tug of love
love idioms - unrequited love
love idioms - wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve

marriage idioms

You’ve dated, started a relationship, fallen in love…What’s next? If you like it, you put a ring on it. You get married of course.

marriage idioms
marriage idioms - always the bridesmaid, never the bride
marriage idioms - ask for someone’s hand in marriage
marriage idioms - bridezilla
marriage idioms - get cold feet
marriage idioms - get down on one knee
marriage idioms - get engaged
marriage idioms - get hitched
marriage idioms - jilt at the altar
marriage idioms - marry into money
marriage idioms - tie the knot
marriage idioms - till death do us part

making up idioms

The course of true love never does run smooth. You are probably going to have some fights/arguments along the way. But, if it’s meant to be… you’ll reconcile. You will make up (another phrasal verb here) and everything will be hunky dory (until the next one!)

make up idioms
making up idioms - bury the hatchet
making up idioms - get back together
making up idioms - kiss and make up
making up idioms - make up
making up idioms - patch things up

more love idioms

Here’s a few more for good measure. If you’ve enjoyed love and relationship idioms, you may enjoy family idioms too.

love idioms
love idioms - bat for the other team
love idioms - bun in the oven
love idioms - bunny boiler
love idioms - can’t stand someone
love idioms - first base
love idioms - flesh and blood
love idioms - from the bottom of one’s heart
love idioms - go Dutch
love expressions - go the distance
love idioms - heart skips a beat
love idioms - heart to heart
love expressions - - an item
love idioms - like father, like son
love idioms - make eyes at
love expressions - match made in heaven
love idioms - out of someone's league
love expressions - rub shoulders with someone
love idioms - run in the family
love idioms - sealed with a kiss
love idioms - sow one's oats
love idioms - stud muffin
love idioms - take sides
love idioms - the birds and the bees meaning
love expressions - - third wheel
love expressions - through thick and thin
love idioms - turn someone on
love idioms - warts and all
love idioms - whisper sweet nothings
love idioms - with open arms

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