Are you a couch potato?
Do you have beef with anyone at the moment?
Has anyone ever given you a knuckle sandwich?
Would you like to live a champagne lifestyle?
What invention do you think is the best thing since sliced bread?
When was the last time you were in a pickle?
Do you know any bad eggs?

Not sure what I’m talking about? Then these pages are for you. I’ve illustrated lots of idioms about food and drink with real-life examples.

what is food?

Food is the nutritious substances we bite, chew and swallow to keep us alive. Let’s start with some idioms that contain the word ‘food’.

food idioms and expressions
food sayings - food baby
food sayings - food chain
food expressions - food coma
food expressions - food for thought

What is cooking?

Some foods need to be cooked/baked before being eaten. This process involves cutting, combining, and heating the food to make it safe to eat.

cooking idioms and sayings
cooking idioms and sayings - cook the books
cooking idioms and sayings - cooking with gas
cooking idioms and sayings - half-baked

What does eat mean?

Once the food is prepared, it’s then ready to taste and eat. Eating is putting the food in your mouth to chew and swallow. Eat is an irregular verb.

eat idioms
eat idioms - acquired taste
eat idioms - bite off more than one can chew
eat idioms - chew the fat
eat idioms - eat like a horse
eat idioms - eat one’s hat
eat idioms - eat one's words
eat idioms - eat out of the palm of one's hand
eat idioms - eat someone alive
eat idioms - eat someone for breakfast
eat idioms - eat someone out of house and home
eat idioms - eat your heart out
eat idioms - grab a bite
eat idioms - you are what you eat
pie sayings - eat humble pie

Do you want to learn some more idioms about different food? Click on the links below, there are lots more for you to learn.