Is there any bad blood between you and your family?
Are there any twins or triplets in your family?
Do you have any step-children?
Who brings home the bacon in your family?
Who rules the roost in your household?
Are you going to follow in your mother’s/father’s footsteps?
Are you the spitting image of your mother/father?

Not sure what I’m banging on about? Look down to find out. You’ll find some useful idioms, phrasal verbs, and family vocabulary.

family members vocabulary

Let’s kick things off with some family member’s vocabulary. Now, we don’t always use the full or correct term for our family members, otherwise it’s just too posh and formal. Let’s face it… real life English isn’t formal.


We use shortened/slang versions, take a look…

family members vocabulary

family phrasal verbs

Here are a few phrasal verbs we can use when talking about our families. Not sure what a phrasal verb is? I suggest you click here to find out (they are very commonly used in English!)

family phrasal verbs
family related phrasal verbs - bring up
family related phrasal verbs - fall out
family related phrasal verbs - get along/on with
family related phrasal verbs - get together
family related phrasal verbs - grow up
family related phrasal verbs - look after
family related phrasal verbs - look up to
family related phrasal verbs - name after
family related phrasal verbs - take after
family related phrasal verbs -

Now, let’s see some family phrases and expressions.

blood sayings

So, we all know that blood is the red liquid stuff that comes out when you cut yourself. If people are related (family), we say they are blood.

‘Blood’ can even be used to describe very close friends, you may have heard something like ‘Hey blood, what’s up?’ In films. There is a good book called Blood Brothers that is worth a read.

Ok, let’s see some blood phrases…

blood idioms
blood idioms list - bad blood
blood body idioms - blood brothers meaning
blood idioms and expressions- blood is thicker than water
body idioms - BLOOD - flesh and blood
blood idiom list - in one's blood

brother sayings

A brother is a male sibling that has the same parents as you. If only one parent is the same, he is your half-brother. If no parents are the same yet you parents and his parents are together, he is your stepbrother.

‘Brother’ or ‘bro’ or ‘bruv are often used as a slang term between good friends. It symbolises the friendship – we aren’t real brothers, but we are so close you are like my brother.

There is a funny film called ‘Step Brothers’, you should watch it if you get the chance. Films are a great way to learn English.

brother sayings and phrases
brother idioms - Big Brother
brother phrases - blood brothers
brother sayings - bromance
brother sayings - brother from another mother
brother phrases - brother/sister-in-law

family sayings

A family is defined as one or more parents living with their children. This would your close family. Then we have your extended family including aunts and uncles, step-parents and children, half siblings, grandparents etc. The list goes on.

A family used to be people who come from the same ancestry as you, nowadays the term ‘family’ is broader, your friends can even be your family these days.


Are you ready to learn some expressions about you and your family?

family idioms
family man
family idioms and sayings - family tree
prepositional phrases - IN - in the family way
family expressions - like one of the family
family idioms and sayings - next of kin
family sayings - cut the apron strings
run in the family
family vocabulary - step family member
the black sheep of the family

family vocabulary

Since families are large and mixed in this day and age, we have lots of vocabulary to describe our loved ones. Family is always a good talking point and a way of starting a conversation with someone (a great way to practice your English!)

‘Hey man, do you have any brothers and sisters?’ Then the conversation goes from there.

If you want to shorten the above question, use the word ‘siblings’. It covers both brother and sister. I’m just telling you this as some of my Spanish speaking students would always use the word ‘brothers’. Although we perfectly understand when you say, ‘Do you have any brothers?’ It just means boys not girls too. Afterall, that’s why you’re all here, to make those small tweaks to become an English Jedi master.

family vocabulary
family member vocabulary - a pooch
family member vocabulary - apple of one’s eye
bachelor meaning - a man who isn’t or will never be married
family member vocabulary - black sheep of the family
family member vocabulary - breadwinner
family member vocabulary - brother/sister-in-law
family member vocabulary - fiancé/fiancée
family member vocabulary - groom
family vocabulary - housewife/husband
family vocabulary - in-laws
family member vocabulary - love child
family member vocabulary - old man
family member vocabulary - soul mates
family vocabulary - spinster
family member vocabulary - spouse
family vocabulary - step family member
family member vocabulary - surrogate mother
family member vocabulary - teenager
family vocabulary - toddler
family member vocabulary - triplets
family member vocabulary - twins
family member vocabulary - widow

father sayings

A father is the man who creates the child, but father is quite a formal word these days. Usually, one of the first words a baby says is ‘Dada’. Younger children usually call their father ‘Daddy’ which changes to ‘dad’ as they get older. You can even use papa or pops if you prefer but I’d say ‘dad’ is the most common word used.

father idioms and sayings
father sayings - a sugar daddy meaning
father sayings - father figure
father sayings - follow in one’s father’s footsteps
father sayings - like father, like son

mother sayings

A mother is the woman who gives birth to the child, but mother is quite a formal word these days. Usually, one of the first words a baby says is ‘mama’. Younger children usually call their mother ‘mummy’ which changes to ‘mum’ as they get older. You can even use ma or American English prefers ‘mom’ but I’d say ‘mum’ is the most common word used.

mother sayings
mother phrases - keep mum
mother sayings - mother nature
mother phrases - mother of all something
mother sayings - mother tongue
mother phrases - mummy’s boy
mother sayings - surrogate mother

other family member sayings

Apart from your immediate family, mum, day, brothers, sisters, husband, wife, sons, daughters, and grandparents…There are of course lots more other family members vocabulary to learn. Some are formal and some are slang.

Are you ready to find out?

family idioms
granny sayings - grab a granny
sister sayings - sister from another mister

pregnancy sayings

To get all these family members, a woman has to get pregnant and give birth to them. We have a few different phrases in English to describe a pregnant woman.

pregnancy idioms ans expressions
pregnancy expressions - bun in the oven
pregnancy sayings - eat for two
pregnancy sayings - in the club
family expressions - in the family way
pregnancy expressions - up the duff
pregnancy idioms - up the spout

other family sayings

Here’s some more family sayings for you that don’t fit into the other sections on this page.

Before we begin, as you’ve been studying so hard, I think it’s time for a little break… As you may already know, music is a great way to learn English. Have a little sing-along to this song by Sister Sledge – We are family. Don’t worry, it’s an easy one and it will help with your pronunciation.

other family expressions and sayings
family phrases - born with a silver spoon
family phrases - bring home the bacon
family phrases- chip off the old block
family phrases - close-knit
family sayings - cut the apron strings
family sayings - estranged
family sayings - fly the nest
family sayings - love-hate relationship
family expressions - make ends meet
family expressions - role model meaning
family expressions - rule the roost
family expressions - spitting image
family idioms - spoiled brat
family idioms - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
family idioms - through thick and thin
family idioms - wear the trousers

wedding sayings

Who doesn’t love a wedding? A fun day out, a chance to dress up, nice food, it’s a joy for all. A wedding can involve a lot of people and some people have very important roles to play. Let’s take a look at some wedding guest vocabulary.

wedding sayings
wedding phrases - always the bridesmaid, never the bride
wedding phrases - best man
wedding sayings - born out of wedlock
wedding sayings - bridesmaid
wedding sayings - bride
wedding sayings - bridezilla
wedding idioms - honeymoon period
wedding idioms - pop the question
wedding idioms - till death do us part