What is an idiom?

Do you know what an idiomatic expression (an idiom) is?​​ If not, read on and i’ll tell you…

An idiom is a group of words that when put together make a common/well-known phrase. These words don’t usually make sense (especially to an English language learner).

Idioms are a massive part of our language and we use them every day. If you translate them literally, they won’t work. The best way is to learn some of the most popular ones.

Many idioms and expressions can be grouped into different topics. So, if you fancy learning idioms with the verb ‘go’, you can. If you’d prefer learning idioms about ‘love’, you also can. There are lots to choose from.
Scroll through the topics below and click any that take your fancy. All idioms include the meaning and examples with pictures.

Idioms often contain a verb and the verb tense changes depending on the context. If you’re unsure on verbs, check out my list of regular an irregular verbs.

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Idioms by Topic

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