what is money?

Money is the coins and notes everyone uses to pay for goods and services. Money makes the world go round, have you ever heard of that phrase? It’s true, everything in life revolves around money. When you work for money, the verb used is ‘to earn’. When you hand your money over for goods or a service, the verb used is ‘to spend’. Money is always singular and an uncountable noun.

Expressions about money

Are you a cheapskate?
Have you ever been rolling in it?
How do you earn a living?
What was the last thing you paid top dollar for?
Do you know anyone who is worth their weight in gold?
Does money burn a hole in your pocket?
Is food dirt cheap in your country?

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Let’s kick this money idioms section off with some synonyms of ‘money’ and different words for having ‘no money’. Let’s face it, we either have money or have none, so a few synonyms are useful to add to your growing list of English vocabulary.

slang words for 'money'
synonyms for having no money

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