nature sayings

Were you a late bloomer?
Do you enjoy sitting and watching the world go by?
Have you ever shaken like a leaf?
What activity do you do once in a blue moon?
Are you down to earth?
Do you often feel like you’re treading water in life?
Do you agree that ‘still waters run deep’?
Have you ever sold anyone down the river?

nature idioms
nature sayings - appeal to someone’s better nature
nature idiom - call of nature
nature idiom - force of nature
nature idiom - good natured
nature idiom - human nature
nature saying - let nature take its course
nature sayings - mother nature
nature idiom - nature abhors a vacuum
nature idiom - second nature

I’ve divided the other nature idioms into sections for you to look through. Go ahead, don’t beat around the bush, get learning those idioms today.

A nest is a home for certain animals. Here are a few idioms that contain the word ‘nest’. Do you like animals? If you do, there are hundreds of animal idioms for you to learn too.

nest expressions
nest expressions - feather one’s nest
nest expressions - fly the nest
nest expressions - love nest
nest expressions - nest egg

Here are a few more nature idioms that don’t fit into the groups.

nature idioms
nature idiom - bog-standard
nature idiom - bolt from the blue
nature idiom - chase rainbows
cliff sayings - cliffhanger
nature idiom - go with the flow
jungle sayings - it’s a jungle out there
garden expressions - lead someone down the garden path
nature idiom - naturist/nudist
nature idiom - shed light
nature idiom - swamped
iceberg idioms - tip of the iceberg