expressions about education

Education is a massive part of many people’s lives. In English, there are many idioms and expressions we use to talk about school, education and learning.

Perhaps you’re at school or university. Maybe you’re a teacher, or you might wish to study in the future, then this page is for you.

Did you drop out of college?
Were you the teacher’s pet at school?
When was the last time you made a schoolboy error?
Do you own a state of the art mobile phone?
Do you cram before exams?
Are you a bookworm?

Not sure what these idioms mean? Look down to find out. Let’s start swotting up and turn you into an education idiom boffin!

book idioms

A book is lots of pages of paper bound together. The book can contain text and/or pictures or be blank for writing in.

Books are a great way to learn English.

book idioms and expressions
book phrases - closed book
book idioms - hit the books
book expressions - by the book
book idioms - bookworm
book phrases - have one’s nose in a book
book expressions - take a leaf out of someone’s book
class idioms
class expressions - top of the class
class phrases - skip class-school
class idioms - class clown
class idioms - top-class
classroom expressions
classroom idioms - A for effort
classroom expressions - back to basics
classroom idioms - boffin
classroom expressions - brainstorm meaning
classroom idioms - call/take the register
classroom idioms - copycat
classroom idioms - cover a lot of ground
classroom idioms - jot down
classroom idioms - know someone-something inside out
classroom phrases - make the grade
classroom idioms - pass with flying colours
classroom expressions - play truant
classroom phrases - put one’s thinking cap on
classroom idioms - quick on the uptake
classroom phrases - read out loud
classroom idioms - show of hands
classroom idioms - show someone the ropes
classroom idioms - skive
classroom idioms - teacher’s pet
learning expressions
idioms on learning - learn one’s lesson
idioms on learning - live and learn
learning phrases - learn off by heart
learning phrases - learn the hard way
learning expressions - learn the ropes
learning expressions - learn to live with something
school idioms
school expressions - school of hard knocks
school idioms - schoolboy error
school phrases - old school
school idioms - skip class-school
studying idioms
study phrases - cramming
studying idioms - hit the books
study idioms - knuckle down
study idioms - swot up
studying idioms - swot
school subject idioms
school subject idioms - arty farty
school subject idioms - do the maths
school subject idioms - drama queen
school subject idioms - excuse my French
school subject idioms - face the music
school subject idioms - music to one’s ears
school subject idioms - state of the art
school subject idioms - the rest is history
expressions about education
education idioms - above average
education expressions - as easy as one, two, three
education expressions - as easy as pie
education expressions - below average
education idioms - cap and gown
education idioms - cut the mustard
education idioms - drop out of
education idioms - dropout
education idioms - dunce
education idioms - eager beaver
education phrases - easy peasy
expressions about education - flunk out
education idioms - geek
education idioms - single file
education idioms - tell tales
expressions about education - university of life