English grammar – What is grammar?

Grammar is the structure of a language and how words change and combine to make sentences. Structures and grammar rules are different for every language, so learning new grammar can pose a problem for language learners. The basic sentence structure differs from language to language so it’s a good idea to learn the basic sentence structure then build your skills from there.

Firstly, ​​it helps if you know your adjectives from your adverbs, and your prepositions from your pronouns. Follow this link if you’re unsure to see a linguistics vocabulary list.

Here you can improve and perfect English grammar skills online from the comfort of your own home. Grammar is important as natives use correct grammar (although we aren’t always aware of it!)


You’ll find lots of interesting material from basic grammar to the most common mistakes made by English learners. There are also lots of hints and tips to aid your learning – isn’t this just the best English grammar website?


WARNING: English isn’t easy! It’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Good luck!

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