time idioms

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Do you travel to work during rush hour?
What do you like doing in your spare time?
Do you agree that time is a healer?
Have you ever been to a country in a different time zone?
What fruit and vegetables are in season at the moment?
Do you book last minute holidays?
What do you do to kill time?
Do you get up at the crack of dawn?

Not sure what these idioms mean? Scroll down and have a read to find out what these sayings with time mean.

how to tell the time

First things first… Do you know how to tell the time? If you don’t, check out this graphic. It’ll teach you how to tell the time in British and American English.

British English vs American English - how to read a clock

Here are some time topics for you to choose from.

Let’s move on to some other time related idioms.

clock expressions
clock expressions - against the clock
clock idioms - beat the clock
clock expressions - biological clock is ticking
clock idioms - clock in
clock phrases - clock is ticking
clock phrases - clock out
clock idioms - clock someone
clock expressions - clock up
clock phrases - like clockwork
clock expressions - round the clock
clock expressions - turn back the clock
sayings with time
time idioms - about time
time idioms - a stitch in time saves nine
all in good time
all the time in the world
as time goes by
at a time
at this time of night
at times
bags of time
behind the times
bide one`s time
time expressions - big time
call time on
time phrases - catch someone at a bad time
crunch time
time phrases - first time round
for the time being
from time to time
give someone a hard time
idioms and expressions with time -
hard time
have a whale of a time
time idioms - have the time of one’s life
have time on one’s hands
have time on one’s side
high time
time expressions - hit the big time
just in time
in a time warp
sayings with time - in no time
time expressions - in one’s own time
sayings with time - in the nick of time
kill time
live on borrowed time
long time no see
sayings with time - lose track of time
make time for
time phrases - make up for lost time
move with the times
time expressions - not the time
time phrases - no time to lose
on time
once upon a time
time expressions - only a matter of time
only time will tell
play for time
pressed/pushed for time
time idioms - race against time
right place, right time
sayings with time - run out of time
time idioms - save time
time phrases - sign of the times
spare time
time expressions - stand the test of time
take one’s time
time expressions - there is no time like the present
time phrases - third time lucky
time after time
time expressions - time and a half
time flies
time is a healer
time is money
time is of the essence
time is ticking
time off
sayings with time - time out
time zone
turn back the hands of time
two-time someone
waste time
time idioms - wrong place, wrong time
time idioms
around the corner
come of age
cut it fine
time idioms and sayings in English - down to the wire
from now on
go back a long way
in an instant
in due course
in it for the long haul
in the blink of an eye
in the long run
in two shakes of a lamb’s tail
like there is no tomorrow
many moons ago
nine to five
now and then
now or never
once in a blue moon
shelf life
that ship has sailed
twelfth of never
twenty four seven
when hell freezes over