Household items idioms

Are you an armchair critic?
Do you like toilet humour?
What time do you usually go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire?
Do you sponge off anyone?
Do you often get pins and needles?
Are horror films your cup of tea?
When was the last time you had a duvet day?

Confused? Then read on. I’ve illustrated the most useful idioms and expressions about household items and furniture for your learning pleasure.

bed idioms and expressions

bed idioms
bed idioms - as white as a sheet
bed idioms - clean sheet
bed idioms - don’t let the bed bugs bite meaning
bed expressions - duvet day
bed expressions - get out of the wrong side of the bed
bed expressions - go to the mattresses
bed expressions - make one’s bed and lie in it
pillow sayings - pillow talk
bed idioms - three sheets to the wind
bed expressions - up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire

bucket idioms and expressions

bucket idioms
bucket idioms - bucket down
bucket idioms - kick the bucket idiom
bucket idioms - pass the sick bucket

chair idioms and expressions

chair idioms
furniture expressions - armchair critic
chair idioms - backseat driver
chair idioms - chair a meeting
furniture expressions - couch potato
chair idioms - fly by the seat of one’s pants
chair idioms - in the driver’s seat
chair idioms - in the hot seat

cutlery idioms and expressions

cutlery idioms
spoon sayings - born with a silver spoon
cutlery idioms - fork in the road
cutlery idioms - fork out
knife idioms - go under the knife
spoon sayings - greasy spoon
knife idioms - not the sharpest knife in the drawer

door idioms and expressions

door idioms
door idioms - as dead as a doornail
door idioms - at death’s door
door sayings - by the back door
door sayings - darken somebody’s door
door expressions - don't shit on your own doorstep
doormat quotes - doormat
door expressions - have one's foot in the door
door expressions - leave the door open
door expressions- show someone the door

drain idioms and expressions

drain idioms
drain idioms - go down the drain
drain idioms - throw money down the drain

flooring idioms and expressions

floor/flooring idioms
floor expressions - as snug as a bug in a rug
floor expressions - floor someone
floor idioms - have the floor
carpet expressions - roll out the red carpet
carpet expressions - sweep something under the carpet/rug
floor expressions - wipe the floor with

home idioms and expressions

home idioms
home idioms - bring home the bacon
home expressions - charity begins at home
home idioms - close to home
home sayings - eat someone out of house and home
home expressions - go hard or go home
home idioms - hammer home
home sayings - home in on
home idioms - home sweet home
home expressions - homestretch
home sayings - make oneself at home
home expressions - play away (from home)
home idioms - till the cows come home

house idioms and expressions

house idioms
house expressions - as safe as houses
house expressions - bring the house down
house idioms - built like a brick shit house
house idioms - eat someone out of house and home
house expressions - get on like a house on fire
house idioms - go round the houses
house idioms - in the dog house
house expressions - on the house
house idioms - people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

key idioms and expressions

key idioms
key idioms - key in
key idioms - under lock and key

kitchen idioms and expressions

kitchen idioms
kitchen sayings - as much use a a chocolate teapot
kitchen idioms - bun in the oven
kitchen idioms - different kettle of fish
kitchen idioms - everything but the kitchen sink
kitchen expressions - flash in the pan
kitchen expressions - go to pot
kitchen expressions - have a lot on one’s plate
kitchen expressions - if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
kitchen expressions - memory like a sieve
kitchen sayings - not one’s cup of tea
kitchen sayings - out of the frying pan, into the fire
kitchen sayings - pan out
kitchen idioms - pot calling the kettle black
kitchen idioms - sponge off
kitchen idioms - step up to the plate
kitchen idioms - storm in a teacup

roof idioms and expressions

roof idioms
roof idioms - go through the roof
roof idioms - hit the roof
roof idioms - like a cat on a hot tin roof

shelf idioms and expressions

shelf idioms
shelf idioms - on the shelf
shelf idioms - shelf life

table idioms and expressions

table idioms
table idioms - bring something to the table
table idioms - put one’s cards on the table
table idioms - turn the tables
table idioms - under the table

toilet idioms and expressions

toilet idioms
toilet expressions - down the toilet
toilet expressions - toilet humour

tool idioms and expressions

tool phrases
tool idioms - as daft as a brush
tool phrases - as hard as nails
tool phrases - bury the hatchet
tool phrases - call a spade a spade
tool idioms - climb the corporate ladder
tool idioms - the final nail in the coffin
hammer sayings - go at something hammer and tongs
axe quotes - have an axe to grind
home idioms - hammer home
tool idioms - have a screw loose
tool idioms - have one’s head screwed on
tool phrases - hit the nail on the head
tool idioms - screw up
tool idioms - tar someone with the same brush

wall idioms and expressions

wall idioms
wall idioms - bang one’s head against a brick wall
wall idioms - drive up the wall
wall idioms - have one's back against the wall
wall idioms - hit a wall
wall idioms - writing on the wall

window idioms and expressions

window expressions
window expressions - go out the window
window expressions - eyes are the window to the soul
window expressions - window shopping

other household idioms and expressions

household idioms
household idioms - basket case
household idioms - bring the curtain down on
household idioms - by hook or by crook
candle sayings - can’t hold a candle to
household idioms - clothes horse
household idioms - come/crawl out of the woodwork
household idioms - fine-toothed comb
household idioms - fly off the handle
household idioms - hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
household idioms - part of the furniture
household expressions - lead someone down the garden path
household idioms - pins and needles
household idioms - pull the plug
household idioms - push the envelope
household idioms - skeleton in one’s closet
household idioms - smoke like a chimney
household idioms - the shit hits the fan
household idioms - throw in the towel