Pronouncing English like a native can be a bit tricky

In fact, pronouncing any language like a native can be tricky! Pronunciation is a very important part of learning and perfecting a language. English is particularly difficult as we have many similar yet different sounds. Words are not necessarily pronounced how they look (especially vowel sounds). We also have some rules which don’t always work and some letters that are completely silent. Confused? You should be!

Never fear, Mingle-ish is here to make all your pronunciation worries fade away. I’ve filled this section with rules, tips, commonly mispronounced words, basically anything I think is relevant to English language learners. Scroll down and take a look, you may learn a tip or two.

Don’t be afraid to stand in front of a mirror and practice moving your mouth and tongue. Find a friend if you can and roleplay situations together. Being silly is fun but being silly with a friend is even better.


If you’d prefer some professional help to improve your pronunciation, Udemy have a range of English pronunciation courses available in British and American English. Here’s a selection of the best ones:

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Are you ready? Let’s get pronouncing…