Have you ever blacked out?
Have you got a spare tyre?
Do you get a stomach ache when you eat too much sugar?
When was the last time you pulled a sickie?
Are you in good shape?
Do you feel run down at the moment?
Have you ever been at death’s door?

Haven’t got the foggiest what these idioms mean? Well…they are all sayings to do with health. Look through this page to find out their meanings and lots more too.

phrasal verbs about health

Let’s kick things off with some phrasal verbs about health. If you don’t know what a phrasal verb is, I suggest you find out pronto! They are a MAJOR part of the English language.

health phrasal verbs
health phrasal verbs - break out
health phrasal verbs - bring someone round
health phrasal verbs - check over
health phrasal verbs - check up on
health phrasal verbs - come around
health phrasal verbs - come down with
health phrasal verbs - come to
health phrasal verbs - fight off
health phrasal verbs - flare-up
health phrasal verbs - get over
health phrasal verbs - pass away
health phrasal verbs - pass out
health phrasal verbs - pull through
health phrasal verbs - run over
health phrasal verbs - throw up

idioms about bad health

bad health idioms
sickness idioms - as white as a sheet
sickness idioms - at death’s door
sickness idioms - bag of bones
sickness idioms - black and blue
sickness idioms - black out
sickness idioms - body part + ache
sickness idioms - burn oneself out
sickness idioms - cold sweat
sickness idioms - come apart at the seams
sickness idioms - dog tired
sickness idioms - feel blue
sickness idioms - feel run down
sickness idioms - fit/ready to drop
sickness idioms - green around the gills
sickness idioms - hard of hearing
sickness idioms - in bad shape
sickness idioms - knock someone for six
sickness idioms - live on borrowed time
sickness idioms - off colour
sickness idioms - on one’s last legs
sickness idioms - out of sorts
sickness idioms - shadow of one’s former self
sickness idioms - skin and bones
sickness idioms - take a turn for the worse
sickness idioms - take the wind out of someone's sails
sickness idioms - under the weather

idioms about death

death idioms
death idioms - as dead as a dodo
death idioms - as dead as a doornail
death idioms - dead in the water
death idioms - dead man walking
death idioms - dead of winter
death idioms - dead ringer
death idioms - deadwood
death idioms - drop like flies meaning
death idioms - flog a dead horse
death idioms - meet one’s maker
death idioms - old habits die hard
death idioms - over my dead body
death idioms - pop one’s clogs
death idioms - pushing up the daisies
death idioms - six feet under
death idioms - kick the bucket

idioms about good health

good health idioms
good health idioms - alive and kicking
good health idioms - as fit as a fiddle
good health idioms - as fresh as a daisy
good health idioms - as right as rain
good health idioms - fighting fit
good health idioms - full of beans
good health idioms - in good shape
good health idioms - look a picture of health
good health idioms - on top of the world
good health idioms - safe and sound
good health idioms - clean bill of health

idioms with live

live idioms
live/alive idioms - learn to live with something
live/alive idioms - live and learn
live/alive idioms - live for the moment
live/alive idioms - live for the weekend
live/alive idioms - live from hand to mouth
live/alive idioms - live in cloud cuckoo land
live/alive idioms - live it up
live/alive idioms - live out of a suitcase
live/alive idioms - new lease of life

idioms about recovering from illness

recovery phrases
recovery sayings - back on one’s feet
recovery sayings - bring someone round
recovery sayings - do someone the world of good
recovery sayings - in remission
recovery sayings - just what the doctor ordered
recovery phrases - nurse someone back to health
recovery phrases - on the mend
recovery phrases - on the road to recovery
recovery phrases - recharge one’s batteries
recovery phrases - up and about
recovery sayings - in the land of the living

idioms about being ill

sick/ill idioms
sick/ill idioms - as sick as a dog
sick/ill idioms - ill at ease
sick/ill idioms - ill gotten gains
sick/ill idioms - ill health
sick/ill idioms - in sickness and in health
sick/ill idioms - pull a sickie
sick/ill idioms - sick and tired

other health idioms

health idioms
health sayings - a pain in the ass/neck
health idioms - bag of nerves
health sayings - bitter pill to swallow
health sayings - cast-iron stomach
health idioms - foot in mouth disease
health idioms - go under the knife
health idioms - go weak at the knees
health idioms - hangover
health expressions - have a frog in one's throat
health phrases - kick the habit
health expressions - out cold
health sayings - pass the sick bucket
health expressions - pins and needles
health expressions - rub salt in the wound
health expressions - spare tyre
health phrases - taste of one’s own medicine
health phrases - verbal diarrhoea
health phrases - warts and all