Here are some nature idioms with pictures about the beautiful landscapes around our earth.

Idioms with Landscapes & Scenery – beach sayings

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? The sun, sea, the sand, and the sangria! There’s nothing better than feeling the warm sand between your toes and taking a dip in the salty ocean.

Beaches are ram-packed with tourists during the summer months so it’s no wonder there are some sayings about the beach.


Here are some idioms about the beach:

  • beach body
    meaning – a slim/toned body ready to be shown in the hot weather
    example – I need to hit the gym 4 times a week if I want a beach body this summer.
  • life’s a beach
    meaning – life is great/fun/relaxing (just like a day at the beach)
    example – I’ve got a great job and a lovely girlfriend. Life’s a beach.
  • the coast is clear
    meaning – there is no danger of being caught, attacked or seen
    example – The wolves went into the forest. The coast was clear for the rabbits to feast on the grass.

beach sayings – picture examples

nature idioms - beach
picture idiom about nature and meaning - beach body
each sayings - life’s a beach
beach sayings - the coast is clear

Idioms with Landscapes & Scenery – dirt/mud sayings

Have you ever been to Glastonbury festival? Due to our lovely English weather (in the summer!), it has been many a time a mud bath! Like literally a river of mud with tents being washed away and all the hippies swimming in it. That is what we call mud.


There is in fact a band called ‘Mud’ who released a song called ‘the hippie hippie shake’. You should break up all this study with a and give it a listen. 07 Hippy Hippy Shake – Mud – YouTube

Did you like the song? It’s a fun one, isn’t it?

Anyway, going back to the topic at hand…Dirt is dry mud. When there has been no rain for a while.


Here are some idioms about dirt:

  • as clear as mud
    meaning – not very easy to understand
    example – My girlfriend is as clear as mud. I don’t know if she wants to get married or break up.
  • dirt cheap  
    meaning – very cheap
    example – The street food in Malaysia is dirt cheap and delicious.
  • dirt-poor   
    meaning – extremely poor I visited some slums yesterday.
    example – The people are dirt-poor, it upsets me.
  • stick in the mud
    meaning – a dull person who avoids new things/adventure
    example – Damon is a stick in the mud, he won’t come paintballing.

dirt/mud sayings – picture examples

nature idioms - mud
nature idiom (mud) - clear as mud meaning
nature idiom (dirt) - dirt cheap
dirt sayings - dirt-poor
nature idiom (mud) - stick in the mud

Idioms with Landscapes & Scenery – ground phrases

We would describe the ground as the hard surface of the Earth that we walk on. It can be natural like sand or man-made like concrete. The general term is ‘the ground’.


There is in fact a saying about keeping your feet on the ground meaning to remain calm after becoming successful. Even the one and only Beatles use it in one of their songs.

The Beatles – Help! – YouTube


Here are some idioms about the ground:

  • cover a lot of ground
    meaning – travel a long distance or review lots of topics/information
    example – We’ve still got a lot of ground to cover before the exam.
  • from the ground up
    meaning – from the beginning to completion
    example – The dog ate my coursework, I need to do it again from the ground up.
  • gain ground
    meaning – make progress, become more popular/widely known
    example – Wilkins is gaining ground over Newman. He might be able to overtake him on the final lap.
  • get something off the ground
    meaning – start operating/functioning
    example – We need to get this project off the ground ASAP.
  • ground-breaking
    meaning – innovative, new, original
    example – Ground-breaking research means we have cures for many diseases.
  • grounded
    meaning – a punishment for children where they are not allowed out
    example – I was always grounded as a child, but I used to sneak out the window at night.
  • hit the ground running
    meaning – start and continue doing something with enthusiasm
    example – The team have hit the ground running. I predict at least 5 goals from them.
  • keep one’s ear to the ground
    meaning – listen for information or gossip
    example – I’m not sure when the tickets go on sale, I’ll keep my ear to the ground.
  • keep one’s feet on the ground
    meaning – remain calm and sensible after becoming successful
    example – My multimillionaire dad still sees his school friends and drinks cheap wine. He keeps his feet on the ground.
  • lose ground
    meaning – fall behind, fail to keep one’s position
    example – The Lib Dems have lost ground, it’ll be interesting to see the results of the next election.
  • moral high ground
    meaning – a person considers their actions morally superior to others
    example – Becky always takes the moral high ground. She is no saint.
  • stand one’s ground
    meaning – face a situation bravely, don’t retreat
    example – Stand your ground, the bullies will soon get bored.

ground phrases – picture examples

nature idiom - ground
ground idioms - cover a lot of ground
ground phrases - from the ground up
ground phrases - gain ground
ground idioms - get something off the ground
ground idioms - ground-breaking
nature idiom (ground) - grounded
ground idioms - hit the ground running
nature idiom (ground) - keep one’s ear to the ground
ground phrases - keep one’s feet on the ground
nature idiom (ground) - lose ground
ground phrases - moral high ground
ground phrases - stand one’s ground

hill phrases

A hill is a raised part of land that is usually covered in grass. It’s like a rounded mini mountain but not as steep.


Here are some idioms with hills:

  • go downhill    
    meaning – deteriorate
    example – Grandpa is rapidly going downhill. You had better go to the hospital straight away.
  • head for the hills   
    meaning – flee, quickly depart
    example – I’m going to take my dad’s bottle of rum and head for the hills.
  • king of the hill 
    meaning – the leader/champion/most successful
    example – Edward is retiring today. That means I’ll become king of the hill.
  • over the hill   
    meaning – old, past your best
    example – I’m over the hill, but it’s better to be over the hill than buried under it.
  • up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
    meaning – go upstairs to bed
    example – Make sure the kids are up the wooden hill before 10.
  • uphill battle/struggle    
    meaning – a continuously challenging task
    example – Having three kids and four pets is an uphill battle. I’m constantly tired and skint.

hill phrases – picture examples

nature idiom - hill
hill phrases - go downhill meaning
hill phrases
hill idioms - king of the hill
hill idioms - over the hill
hill idioms - up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire
hill idioms - uphill battle/struggle

land idioms

Land is all the Earth that isn’t covered in water. You can also use the term to describe your property or a country e.g.

  • Get off my land, you’re trespassing.
  • The land in the north of Portugal is great for growing crops.


Here are some land idioms:

  • in the land of the living
    meaning – alive/awake
    example – It’s 2 pm and my teenage sons still aren’t in the land of the living.
  • lay of the land
    meaning – the current situation
    example – I’m going to figure out the lay of the land before I decide to invest.
  • live in cloud cuckoo land
    meaning – a fantasy land
    example – You’re living in cloud cuckoo land if you think your wife will take you back.

land idioms – picture examples

nature idiom - land
land expressions - in the land of the living
land idioms - lay of the land
land idioms - live in cloud cuckoo land

mountain expressions

If I said to you Everest, the Andes, the Alps… what am I talking about? You guessed it – mountains. They are huge, elevated parts of the Earth’s crust which rise into the sky. They provide great entertainment for hikers and skiers.


Here are some idioms with mountains:

  • make a mountain out of a molehill
    meaning – exaggerate a minor issue
    example – Andy is such a drama queen, he is always making mountains out of molehills.
  • mountain to climb
    meaning – facing a very difficult task/challenge
    example – The new president is doing a great job, but he still has a mountain to climb.
  • move mountains
    meaning – be able to achieve very difficult things
    example – I believe our world cup squad can move mountains this year.

mountain expressions – picture examples

mountain expressions
mountain expressions - make a mountain out of a molehill
mountain expressions - mountain to climb
mountain expressions - move mountains meaning

pond sayings

A pond is a small body of still water that is either natural or man-made. Lots of creatures and plants live in ponds. A pond is similar to a lake but it’s smaller.


Here are some pond idioms:

  • a big fish in a small pond
    meaning – someone who is important in a small area
    example – Joe was a big fish in a small pond. When he went to uni, that all changed.
  • across the pond
    meaning – the other side of the Atlantic
    example – Their accent is strange, they must be from across the pond.

pond sayings – picture examples

pond sayings - pond sayings
pond sayings - a big fish in a small pond
pond sayings - across the pond

rock sayings

Rocks are large masses of stone that can be used in building. The difference between a rock and a stone is the size. Stones are small and rocks are big. The biggest is a boulder which is a huge, rounded rock that can’t be lifted by hand.


Did you know, you can describe a person as a rock? A rock is strong, tough, and reliable. If you know someone like this, a partner, a parent, a friend, someone who helps you through difficult times…they are your rock.

Do you know the actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson? He got his name for being a tough guy.


Here are some rock idioms:

  • between a rock and hard place
    meaning – in a predicament, faced with two unpleasant alternatives
    example – Nigel is between a rock and a hard place. It’s divorce or stay together and be miserable.
  • on the rocks
    meaning – a relationship/business is suffering/experiencing difficulties
    example – The business is on the rocks. We’re struggling to make a profit.
  • rock bottom
    meaning – the lowest possible level
    example – House prices have hit rock bottom, now is the time to buy.
  • rocky road
    meaning – a difficult journey (in life)
    example – The twins are on a rocky road, they’re not coping with the death of their mother.

rock sayings – picture examples

nature idiom - rock sayings rock
rock sayings - between a rock and hard place
rock expressions - on the rocks
rock idioms - rock bottom
rock sayings - rocky road

sea/ocean sayings

Don’t you just love swimming in the sea? Going to the beach on a blisteringly hot day and jumping into the sea to cool you down has to be one of the best things in life.


So, ocean or sea? what’s the difference? Well… just the size really, a sea is a smaller part of the ocean that is enclosed by land. You’d have to go on a boat to get out to the open ocean, unless you’re a keen swimmer that is.

Before we start looking at the expressions, I’ll give you the pronunciation of both:

  • Sea – pronounced just like the letter ‘c’.
  • Ocean – pronounced o-shun.


Here are some sea/ocean idioms:

  • a drop in the ocean
    meaning – a small amount compared to what is required
    example – my signature is only a drop in the ocean. the campaign needs 100,000.
  • at sea
    meaning – confused about something
    example – We’re at sea about whether to stay in our house of buy a bigger one.
  • make waves
    meaning – cause trouble or make an impression
    example – The boss told me not to make any more waves or I’ll be fired.
  • plenty more fish in the sea
    meaning – when a relationship fails, there are more people to have relationships with
    example – Everyone is telling me there’s plenty more fish in the sea, but I only want Hugh.
  • sea legs
    meaning – keep your balance and not feel sick on a moving ship
    example – I can’t got on a cruise, I haven’t got sea legs.

sea/ocean sayings – picture examples

nature idiom - sea/ocean sayings
ocean sayings - a drop in the ocean
sea expressions (sea/ocean) - at sea
sea sayings - make waves
sea sayings - plenty more fish in the sea
sea expressions - sea legs

slope expressions

A slope is part of the ground that goes upwards or downwards at a small angle for a length. It could be a long or a short slope. If it’s too steep, it’s called a hill.


Here are some idioms with slope:

  • slippery slope
    meaning – a course of action that will lead to disaster
    example – I’ve stolen a few things from the corner shop. I’m worried I’m on a slippery slope.
  • slope off
    meaning – quietly leave a place without being noticed
    example – I sloped off around midnight, I wasn’t in the party mood.

slope expressions – picture examples

nature idiom - slope
nature idiom (slope) - slippery slope
nature idiom (slope) - slope off

stone expressions

A stone is a hard clump of minerals that comes from the ground and can be used in building. A stone is typically smaller than a rock but essentially they are the same thing.


Here are some idioms with stone:

  • a stone’s throw away    
    meaning – something is close
    example – My girlfriend lives a stone’s throw from me, we see a lot of each other.
  • cast the first stone 
    meaning – the first person to attack/criticise/accuse
    example – I don’t want to cast the first stone, but it’s Kelly’s fault our business is in trouble.
  • etched/set in stone  
    meaning – permanent/fixed/can’t be changed
    example – The contract isn’t set in stone, we can still make some tweaks.
  • keep one’s nose to the grindstone          
    meaning – continuously work hard
    example – You’ve kept your nose to the grindstone all year. You deserve a juicy bonus.
  • leave no stone unturned      
    meaning – try every way possible to achieve something
    example – We’ll leave no stone unturned in the hunt for the missing teenager.
  • like getting blood from stone    
    meaning – very difficult to get something from someone
    example – Good luck trying to get your money back from Michael. It’s like getting blood from a stone.
  • people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones   
    meaning – don’t criticise other people’s faults if you have them yourself (a hypocrite)
    example – She shouts at me for smoking, but she takes drugs. People in glass houses…
  • stone cold         
    meaning – very cold
    example – I woke up this morning and the rabbit was stone cold in his hutch.
  • stone cold sober            
    meaning – not intoxicated, completely sober
    example – I couldn’t get drunk last night, I was stone cold sober all night.

stone expressions – picture examples

nature idiom - stone expressions
stone expressions - a stone’s throw away
stone expressions - cast the first stone
stone expressions - etched/set in stone
stone expressions - meaning
stone expressions - leave no stone unturned
stone expressions - like getting blood from a stone
stone expressions - people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones meaning
stone expressions - stone cold meaning
stone expressions - stone cold sober

tide sayings

Have you ever been to the beach and fallen asleep on the sand then suddenly… You get wet feet. The tide has come in quickly and washed you and your belongings away.

The tide is to do with the sea/ocean and how it rises and falls at different times of the day.


Here are some tide idioms:

  • ride with the tide  
    meaning – accept the majority decision
    example – Rupert is really chilled out, he just rides with the tide.
  • swim against the tide   
    meaning – not follow what everyone else is doing
    example – We can’t swim against the tide, we need to give the consumers what they want.
  • tide over   
    meaning – a small amount of something to help someone until they acquire more
    example – I lent my sister £30 to tide her over until pay day, my niece needs some things for school.
  • tide turns
    meaning – a change in fortunes
    example – The greens were 3-0 down at half time. The tide has turned and they’re 4-3 up.

tide sayings – picture examples

nature idiom - tide expressions
ride idioms - ride with the tide
tide sayings - swim against the tide meaning
tide expressions - tide over
tide sayings - tide turns