There are quite a few phrasal verbs with get. The word ‘get‘ can mean many different things. As a verb, the meaning is to buy or receive.

For example:

  • I got you an ice cream at the shop. (buy)
  • I got top marks in the test. (receive)


Get is an irregular verb. The past tense is got and the past participle is got/gotten.

phrasal verbs with get

Let’s learn the meaning of the phrasal verbs that contain the verb ‘get’ in more detail and see some examples in use.

phrasal verbs with get

get across

meaning – communicate your point
example – I tried to get my point across, but no one understood.

phrasal verbs with get - get across

get along/on with

meaning – have a good (or bad relationship) with someone
example – I don’t get along with my siblings.

get along/on with meaning

get around

meaning – be mobile, sleep with lots of people
example – I couldn’t get around very well after the operation.

phrasal verbs with get - get around

get at

meaning – annoy, imply
example – Stop getting at me, you`re getting on my nerves.

get at meaning

get away

meaning – escape or leave
example – I’d love to get away for the weekend, I need a break.

phrasal verbs with get - get away

get back

meaning – return, receive something back
example – I hope I get my phone back from the repair shop soon.

get back meaning

get back at someone

meaning – seek revenge
example – I called my boss an idiot. She got back at me by giving me more work.

get back into

meaning – return to a hobby/interest
example – I’ve just got back into running; I feel so much fitter.

get back into meaning

get back together

meaning – start a relationship with a previous partner
example – We’ll never ever get back together.

phrasal verbs with get - get back together meaning

get by

meaning – manage/survive
example – We just got by with 2 litres of fuel.

phrasal verbs with get - get by

get in

meaning – arrive or enter
example – What time did you get in last night?

get into

meaning – enter, start doing something enthusiastically
example – I can’t get into the cupboard; I don’t have the key.

phrasal verbs with get - get into

get off

meaning – leave a plane, train, bus, or job
example – Let’s get off at the next stop.

get off meaning

get on

meaning – enter a bus, plane, or train
example – Drink your lemonade, you can’t get on the plane with liquids.

get on meaning

get on it

meaning – drink alcohol or take drugs and party
example – I can’t wait to get on it this weekend. Work has been crap this week.

get on with

meaning – continue doing something
example – I got on with my revision last night, I think I’m ready for the exam.

phrasal verbs with get - get on with

get out

meaning – exit a room
example – We got out of the meeting after an hour and a half.

get out meaning

get out of

meaning – avoid doing something
example – I have got out of every work social gathering this year.

phrasal verbs with get - get out of

get over

meaning – recover from illness or disappointment
example – It’s going to take Jim a long time to get over being jilted at the altar.

phrasal verbs with get - get over

get rid of

meaning – remove
example – I kicked my husband out and got rid of all his belongings.

phrasal verbs with get - get rid of

get round to

meaning – find the time to do something you intended to do
example – At some point this weekend, I’ll get round to tidying my room.

phrasal verbs with get - get round to

get something back

meaning – receive something you previously lent to another
example – I’ve got back all my DVDs, I’m never lending anything again.

get to

meaning – arrive
example – I got to the party at 9, but I left before midnight.

phrasal verbs with get - get to

get together

meaning – an arranged meeting or become a couple
example – Mary and Daniel have finally got together, they make a lovely couple.

phrasal verbs with get - get together

get up

meaning – get out of bed or rise to your feet
example – All of the children got up and stood in a circle.

phrasal verbs with get - get up

get with

meaning – start a relationship with somebody.
example – I got with this great girl in Mallorca.

You can download a table of phrasal verbs with get below.

Did you know that many idiomatic expressions (idioms) in English also contain a lot of verbs? Just like phrasal verbs, idioms are a major part of the English language (slang in particular). They are used constantly amongst native English speakers and are handy to know and understand.


Now you’ve learnt all the phrasal verbs with get, how about learning the idioms with get too?