What is football?

Football is a team game that is played on a rectangular pitch. Each team has 11 players and the aim is to score by kicking a round ball into a goal. Football is a different game to American football.

In Americal English, football is called ‘soccer’.

idioms and expressions from football

Many idioms originated from football/soccer and here is a list of them with pictures and examples.

football/soccer idioms and expressions
football/soccer idioms - get a kick out of something
football/soccer idioms - get the ball rolling
football/soccer sayings - keep one’s eye on the ball
football/soccer sayings - keep the ball rolling
football/soccer sayings - kick off
football/soccer sayings - know the score
football/soccer sayings - move the goalposts
football/soccer sayings - on the ball
football/soccer expressions - on the bench
football/soccer expressions - on the sidelines
football/soccer expressions - onside
football/soccer expressions - tackle something