What is gambling?

Gambling is when a person plays a game of chance/luck and they bet money on the outcome. Think of a casino where you can play roulette, slot machines, blackjack etc. They are all games chance where you can bet your hard-earned cash in the hopes of winning more.

A few of the idioms come from cards as there are many card games that you can play with multiple players.

idioms and expressions from gambling

Many idioms originated from gambling and here is a list of them with pictures and examples.

gambling sayings and phrases
gambling expressions - above board
gambling expressions - across the board
gambling expressions - call a spade a spade
gambling phrases - cash in one’s chips
gambling phrases - chip in
gambling phrases - have an ace up one’s sleeve
gambling phrases - hit the jackpot
gambling sayings - hold all the aces
gambling sayings - put one’s cards on the table
gambling sayings - under the table