sports idioms – any sport

Here is a list of idioms that can be used for multiple sports.

A lot of these idioms are used in the business speaking world too. Try and learn a few to impress the boss at work.

sport expressions and sayings
against all odds
ahead of the game
at this stage in the game
bad sport
beat someone at their own game
blow the whistle
sport sayings - game plan
idioms related to sports - get the ball rolling
sport sayings - give the game away
sport sayings - good sport
sport sayings - in a different league
idioms related to sports - in the same league
lap of honour
let the side down
level playing field
lose ground
sport sayings - lose one’s bottle
sport sayings - major player
sport phrases - make the grade
sport phrases - meet one’s match
sport phrases - name of the game
sport phrases - no sweat
sport phrases - no win situation
sport phrases - out of bounds
sport phrases - out of someone's league
sport phrases - play away (from home)
sport phrases - play ball
sport phrases - play by the rules
sport expressions - play for time
sport expressions - root for
sport expressions - settle a score
sport expressions - sporting chance
sport expressions - still waters run deep
sport expressions - take sides
sport expressions - team player
sport expressions - the odds stacked against someone
sport idioms - there is no I in team
sport idioms - throw in at the deep end
sport idioms - tie
sport idioms - time out
sport idioms - two can play at that game
sport idioms - waiting game
sport idioms - whole different/new ballgame
sport idioms - win win