What is Baseball?

Baseball is team game that is played on a diamond-shaped field with 4 bases. Each team has 9 players and the aim is to hit a ball with a bat and then run around the bases to score points.​

expressions and sayings from baseball

Many idioms originated from baseball and here is a list of them with pictures and examples.

baseball expressions and sayings
ballpark figure
bat for someone
baseball idioms - bat for the other team
drop the ball
baseball idioms - first base
baseball expressions - hit a home run
baseball expressions - in full swing
baseball sayings - keep one’s eye on the ball
baseball idioms - knock it out of the park
off base
baseball expressions - on a winning streak
baseball expressions - on the ball
baseball sayings - pitch an idea
baseball sayings - play hardball
right off the bat
step up to the plate
strike a chord
baseball sayings - strike out
baseball expressions - take a rain check
baseball sayings - three strikes and you’re out
baseball sayings - throw a curveball
baseball expressions - touch base