What is Boxing?

Boxing is fist-fighting sport that takes place inside a roped ring with opponents wearing padded gloves. Each fighter scores points by hitting their foe or knocking them out for a count of ten.

idioms and expressions from boxing

Many idioms originated from boxing and here is a list of them with pictures and examples.

boxing idioms and expressions
boxing idioms - below the belt
blow by blow account
boxing idioms - come out swinging
come to blows
down and out
draw first blood
fighting chance
boxing idioms - hang up one’s boots
boxing idioms - have the upper hand
in someone's corner
knock yourself out
low blow
no holds barred
on the ropes
boxing idioms - out for the count
boxing idioms - pull punches
boxing idioms - roll with the punches
boxing idioms - saved by the bell
take on the chin
the gloves are off
boxing idioms - throw in the towel