The word ‘eat‘ can mean many different things. As a verb, the meaning is to put food in your mouth, chew, and swallow it.

For example:

  • I sometimes eat sushi. (consume)
  • The dog is eating a bone. (consume)


Eat is an irregular verb. The past tense is ate and the past participle is eaten.

phrasal verbs with eat

Phrasal verbs with ‘eat’ include:

  • eat in
    meaning – eat at home
    example – I ate in all last week, I deserve a treat tonight.
  • eat into
    meaning – use up more than necessary
    example – I can only call for 10 minutes, otherwise it will eat into my revision time.
  • eat out
    meaning – eat at a restaurant
    example – We’ve already eaten out twice this week.
  • eat up
    meaning – eat everything or use a lot of time or money
    example – If you eat up your dinner, you can have ice cream after.

picture phrasal verbs with eat

phrasal verbs with eat

Let’s learn the meaning of the phrasal verbs that contain the verb ‘eat’ in more detail and see some examples in use.

phrasal verbs with eat - eat in
phrasal verbs with eat - eat into
phrasal verbs with eat - eat out
phrasal verbs with eat - eat up

You can download a table of phrasal verbs with eat below.

Did you know that many idiomatic expressions (idioms) in English also contain a lot of verbs? Just like phrasal verbs, idioms are a major part of the English language (slang in particular). They are used constantly amongst native English speakers and are handy to know and understand.


Now you’ve learnt all the phrasal verbs with eat, how about learning the idioms with eat too?