The word ‘drop‘ can mean many different things. As a verb, the meaning is to accidentally let something fall to the ground.

For example:

  • I dropped a plate on my toe. (let something fall)


Drop is a regular verb. The past tense and past participle is dropped.

phrasal verbs with drop

Let’s learn the meaning of the phrasal verbs that contain the verb ‘drop’ in more detail and see some examples in use. Phrasal verbs with ‘drop’ include:

phrasal verbs with drop

drop around/round

meaning – visit someone or deliver goods
example – I’ll be dropping around at 7, I can’t stay long though.

phrasal verbs with drop - drop around/round

drop back

meaning – move to the back of the group
example – Richards dropped back and waited for the pass from McDonough.

drop back meaning and example

drop by/in/over

meaning – visit someone briefly
example – I dropped in on Amanda last night. She is recovering well.

phrasal verbs with drop - drop by/in/over

drop off

meaning – take something to a place and leave it for someone or fall asleep
example – I’ll drop off the kids at the pool, then go to work.

phrasal verbs with drop - drop off

drop out

meaning – quit a course, school, club etc.
example – Shepherd will have to drop out of the race, he’s hurt his knee.

phrasal verbs with drop - drop out

drop someone in it

meaning – get someone in trouble
example – I didn’t mean to drop you in it, I thought you told the boss you had the flu not earache.

phrasal verbs with drop - drop someone in it

You can download a table of phrasal verbs with drop below.