Using prepositions in sentences is very common, pretty much every sentence includes prepositions. If you aren’t sure what they are, head to my grammar section to find out.

prepositional phrases with ON list

Learn some prepositional phrases with the preposition ‘on’

  • on a roll – enjoy a prolonged spell of success/luck
  • on a shoestring – on a tight budget, for little money
  • on a winning streak – had lots of recent successes
  • on all fours – on your hands and knees
  • on an even keel – a calm/stable/balanced condition
  • on another planet – act strangely, be unaware of your surroundings, crazy
  • on cloud nine – very happy
  • on fleek – perfect, on point (usually used with female appearance)
  • on hand – available to be used if needed
  • on one’s last legs – very weak/ about to die
  • on one’s own head be it – you take the consequences of your reckless actions
  • on second thought – reconsider your decision
  • on someone’s back – constantly criticise/pester/annoy someone
  • on target – accurate, likely to achieve what you’ve planned
  • on the back burner – temporarily put aside, low priority
  • on the ball – alert, focused, efficient
  • on the bench – a substitute, not participating
  • on the breadline – very poor, live in poverty
  • on the face of it – on the surface, how something seems
  • on the go – constantly moving/working
  • on the house – free/no charge
  • on the mend – getting better/recovering
  • on the money – correct, accurate, precise
  • on the right track – doing something that is likely to succeed
  • on the road to recovery – improving/getting better
  • on the rocks – a relationship/business is suffering/experiencing difficulties
  • on the ropes – close to defeat/collapse
  • on the same page – all parties agree or have the same amount of knowledge
  • on the same wavelength – think/behave in the same way as another person
  • on the shelf – unwanted, undesired, useless
  • on the sidelines – not actively participating
  • on the straight and narrow – live an honest and moral way of life
  • on the tip of one’s tongue – can almost remember a word but not quite
  • on the wagon – refrain from drinking alcohol/taking drugs
  • on the wrong track – progressing in a way that is likely to fail
  • on time – punctual, not late
  • on top of something – have something under complete control
  • on top of the world – feel great/happy
  • on your bike – tell an annoying person to go away
  • on your marks – get into your starting position ready to begin

Take a look at the examples with pictures to gain a better understanding of the meaning.

prepositional phrases with on
Prepositional phrases - ON - on a roll
on a shoestring
Prepositional phrases - ON - on a winning streak
on all fours
on an even keel
on another planet
Prepositional phrases - ON - on cloud nine
Prepositional phrases - ON - on fleek
on hand
on one’s last legs
on one's own head be it
on second thought
Prepositional phrases - ON - on someone’s back
Prepositional phrases - ON - on the back burner
Prepositional phrases - ON - on the ball
on the bench
on the breadline
on the face of it
on the go
on the house
Prepositional phrases - ON - on the mend
on the money
on the right track
Prepositional phrases - ON - on the road to recovery
on the rocks
on the ropes
on the same page meaning
Prepositional phrases - ON - on the same wavelength
on the shelf
on the sidelines meaning and example
on the straight and narrow
on the tip of one's tongue
Prepositional phrases - ON - on the wagon
on the wrong track
on time
Prepositional phrases - ON - on top of something
on top of the world
on your bike
on your marks