The word ‘easy‘ as an adjective can mean simple or straightforward. For example:

  • The test was really easy.
  • I’m making lasagne as it’s easy to make.

easy idioms list

Let’s take a look at some common idioms containing the word ‘easy’.

  • as easy as one, two, three
    meaning – something is very easy
    example – Using the new machinery is as easy as one, two, three.
  • as easy as pie
    meaning – very easy, simple
    example – The exam was as easy as pie, I’ve definitely passed.
  • easy come, easy go
    meaning – you aren’t bothered about losing something (especially money)
    example – My girlfriend dumped me, easy come, easy go.
  • easy does it
    meaning – tell someone to be careful and not use too much effort
    example – Easy does it! You don’t want to get caught speeding.
  • easy money
    meaning – money earned with little effort (sometimes dishonestly)
    example – Kerry works for her dad. She hates it but it’s easy money.
  • easy on the eye
    meaning – attractive, good looking
    example – The guy I’m seeing is easy on the eye, but he isn’t intelligent.
  • easy peasy (lemon squeezy)
    meaning – very easy
    example – Follow this recipe, it’s easy peasy and she will be really impressed.
  • take it easy
    meaning – relax and don’t do much
    example – I took It easy at the weekend, I’ve got a few busy weeks coming up.

easy idioms list with pictures

Here’s some real life picture examples.

idioms and phrases with adjectives - easy
idiom adjectives (easy) - as easy as one, two, three
idiom adjectives (easy) - as easy as pie
idiom adjectives (easy) - as easy as pie
idiom adjectives (easy) - easy does it
idiom adjectives (easy) - easy money
idiom adjectives (easy) - easy on the eye
idiom adjectives (easy) - easy peasy
idiom adjectives (easy) - take it easy

You can download a table of ‘easy’ idioms and expressions below.

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