The word ‘early‘ as an adjective can mean at the beginning of the day or before a scheduled time.


For example:

  • We will leave early tomorrow morning. (at the beginning of the day)
  • Get here now! The meeting started early. (before a scheduled time)

early idioms list

Let’s take a look at some common idioms containing the word ‘early’.

  • early bird
    meaning – a person who gets up early
    example – We have to be early birds tomorrow. We’ve got to be at the train station for 6 am.
  • early days
    meaning – it’s too soon to know how things will turn out
    example – Donald is doing ok. It’s still early days, but I think he’s going to be an asset to the team.
  • early night
    meaning – go to bed early
    example – I think I’ll have an early night; it’s been a long day.

early idioms list with pictures

Here’s some real life picture examples.

idioms and phrases with adjectives - early
idiom adjectives (early) - early bird
idiom adjectives (early) - early days
idiom adjectives (early) - early night

You can download a table of ‘early’ idioms and expressions below.

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