The word ‘clean‘ as an adjective can mean pure or free from dirt. For example

  • I have a clean record. (pure)
  • The car is now clean. (free from dirt)

clean idioms list

Let’s take a look at some common idioms containing the word ‘clean’.

  • as clean as a whistle
    meaning – very clean or not guilty
    example – Peter didn’t steal the money, he’s as clean as a whistle.
  • clean bill of health
    meaning – a report to say someone/something is fit and healthy
    example – The doctor gave Ian a clean bill of health. He can fly to the wedding in New Zealand.
  • clean sheet
    meaning – start afresh with no past mistakes/problems or concede no goals/points in a sports match
    example – After 5 matches, the Canaries still have a clean sheet.
  • clean someone out
    meaning – take/use all of someone’s money
    example – The lad’s poker night cleaned me out. The wife won’t be happy when she finds out.
  • keep one’s nose clean
    meaning – stay out of trouble, behave
    example – Lewis has kept his nose clean since becoming a father.
  • spring clean
    meaning – thoroughly clean a house/room and throw away unwanted things
    example – We’ve had a spring clean. Would you like some cutlery for your kitchen?
  • take someone to the cleaners
    meaning – unfairly take all someone’s money/property/possessions
    example – Gordon won the poker night. He took everyone to the cleaners.
  • wipe the slate clean
    meaning – erase debts/problems or mistakes and start again
    example – The prisoner’s slate was wiped clean, and he was free to leave jail and start afresh.

clean idioms list with pictures

Here’s some real life picture examples.

idioms and phrases with adjectives - clean
clean idioms - as clean as a whistle
adjective idioms (clean) - clean bill of health
clean idioms - clean sheet
clean idioms - clean someone out
adjective idioms (clean) - keep one's nose clean
clean idioms - keep one's nose clean
clean idioms - take someone to the cleaners
adjective idioms (clean) - wipe the slate clean

You can download a table of ‘clean’ idioms and expressions below.

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