The word ‘cold‘ as an adjective can mean a relatively low temperature or unfriendly. For example:

  • It’s cold today, bring your coat. (low temperature)
  • Jenny is very cold, I don’t think she should be a receptionist. (unfriendly)

cold idioms list

Let’s take a look at some common idioms containing the word ‘cold’.

  • as cold as ice
    meaning – unfriendly or very cold
    example – Your hands are as cold as ice, put your gloves on.
  • blood runs cold
    meaning – be terrified/frightened
    example – The screams of the trapped workers made everyone’s blood run cold.
  • blow hot and cold
    meaning – keep changing your attitudes towards something
    example – Ryan keeps blowing hot and cold. One minute he loves me, the next he ignores me.
  • catch one’s death (of cold)
    meaning – become ill with a serious cold
    example – Tell Sammy to dry her hair before she goes out, she’ll catch her death of cold.
  • cold hard cash
    meaning – physical cash in your hand
    example – Someone offered me cold hard cash for my old table and chairs.
  • cold sweat
    meaning – perspiration caused by anxiety/fear/shock/pain etc.
    example – I woke up in a cold sweat, I had a nightmare about my exams.
  • get cold feet
    meaning – get nervous and change one’s mind about doing something
    example – I didn’t compete in the singing competition, I saw the audience and got cold feet.
  • give someone the cold shoulder
    meaning – ignore someone/be unfriendly on purpose
    example – The girlfriend is giving me the cold shoulder. I must have done something wrong.
  • give someone the cold shoulder
    meaning – ignore someone/be unfriendly on purpose
    example – The girlfriend is giving me the cold shoulder. I must have done something wrong.
  • go cold turkey
    meaning – completely stop taking a substance
    example – I’ve quit smoking. It was easy, I just went cold turkey.
  • in cold blood
    meaning – deliberately, ruthlessly, without emotion
    example – Joey was killed in cold blood whilst walking home from a party.
  • in the cold light of day
    meaning – think about emotional matters when you are calmer
    example – In the cold light of day, I think I overreacted. I must call him and apologise.
  • leave out in the cold
    meaning – exclude, not informed
    example – Don’t leave me out in the cold, tell me what’s going on!
  • out cold
    meaning – unconscious/in a deep sleep
    example – The kids are out cold, they’ve been running around in the sun all day.
  • stone cold
    meaning – very cold
    example – I woke up this morning and the rabbit was stone cold in his hutch.
  • stone cold sober
    meaning – not intoxicated, completely sober
    example – I couldn’t get drunk last night, I was stone cold sober all night.
  • throw cold water on
    meaning – discourage, reduce enthusiasm
    example – I hate my job; my boss is always throwing cold water on my ideas.

cold idioms list with pictures

Here’s some real life picture examples.

cold expressions - cold
idiom adjectives (cold) - as cold as ice
idiom adjectives (cold) - blood runs cold
idiom adjectives (cold) - blow hot and cold
cold expressions - catch one’s death of cold
cold expressions - cold hard cash
cold expressions - cold sweat
idiom adjectives (cold) - get cold feet
idiom adjectives (cold) - give someone the cold shoulder
idiom adjectives (cold) - go cold turkey
cold expressions - in cold blood
cold expressions - in the cold light of day
idiom adjectives (cold) - leave out in the cold
idiom adjectives (cold) - out cold
idiom adjectives (cold) - stone cold sober
idiom adjectives (cold) - stone cold
cold expressions - throw cold water on

You can download a table of ‘cold’ idioms and expressions below.

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