The word ‘big‘ as an adjective can mean large, important, major and giant. For example

  • I need a big cup of coffee. (large)
  • The big boss is coming tomorrow. (important)
  • A big hurricane is coming our way. (major)
  • There is a big spider in my bedroom. (giant)

big idioms list

Let’s take a look at some common idioms containing the word ‘big’.

  • a big fish in a small pond
    meaning – someone who is important in a small area
    example – Joe was a big fish in a small pond. When he went to uni, that all changed.
  • big brother
    meaning – a person/government/organisation that watches and controls people
    example – There are so many cameras in the city centre, Big Brother is watching.
  • big bucks
    meaning – lots of money
    example – If we get this contract, it means big bucks for our company.
  • big cheese
    meaning – a very important person
    example – The big cheese is coming tomorrow. Please make sure you arrive on time.
  • big headed
    meaning – an arrogant person
    example – My cousin is a top actor. He’s really down to earth and not big headed.
  • big picture
    meaning – the whole perspective of an issue/situation
    example – Look at the big picture. If you keep giving him chocolate, you’ll have huge vet bills down the line.
  • big time
    meaning – to a great extent
    example – I’ve messed up big time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never spoke to me again.
  • bigwig
    meaning – an important person
    example – Make sure you’re polite to that guy in the pink shirt, he’s a government bigwig.
  • eyes bigger than one’s belly
    meaning – take more food than you can eat
    example – We always have eyes bigger than our bellies when we go to sushi restaurants.
  • have a big mouth
    meaning – someone talks a lot and can’t keep secrets
    example – Corey has a big mouth, I hope a year 11 shuts him up one day.
  • have bigger fish to fry
    meaning – have more important/interesting things to do
    example – I can’t help you look for a new bike. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.
  • hit the big time
    meaning – become rich/famous/successful
    example – I’ve got a part in a Hollywood blockbuster, I’ve hit the big time.
  • the Big Apple
    meaning – New York
    example – I’ve always wanted to live in the Big Apple.
  • too big for one’s boots
    meaning – cocky, arrogant, overconfident
    example – Jake has become too big for his boots since he started trials for Manchester City.

big idioms list with pictures

Here’s some real life picture examples.

idioms and phrases with adjectives - big expressions
adjective idioms (big) - a big fish in a small pond
adjective idioms (big) -Big Brother
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adjective idioms (big) - big cheese
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adjective idioms (big) - big picture
big expressions - big time
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adjective idioms (big) - eyes bigger than one’s belly
adjective idioms (big) - have a big mouth
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adjective idioms (big) - hit the big time
big expressions - the big apple
big expressions - too big for one’s boots

You can download a table of ‘big’ idioms and expressions below.

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