Let’s take a look at some of the most unique business idioms starting with U.

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under the table

meaning – in secret as it’s usually illegal
example – I gave the interviewer some money under the table. Hopefully I get the job.

business idiom - under the table meaning


meaning – likely to become successful in the future
example – The blues have signed some up-and-coming players for the new season.

common business idioms - up and coming

up for grabs

meaning – available to win or buy
example – There is a pub up for grabs in my village. It’s a bargain, I might buy it.

unique business idiom - up for grabs

up in the air

meaning – unresolved/uncertain/not decided
example – We should be going to Prague tomorrow, but Tanya is sick so it’s up in the air.

business idiom - up in the air

up to par

meaning – satisfactory, acceptable
example – The main course was nice, but the dessert wasn’t up to par.

Business idioms and expressions - up to par

up to speed

meaning – fully informed, up to date
example – I missed 3 weeks of classes. It’s going to take me a while to get back up to speed.

business idiom - up to speed

uphill battle/struggle

meaning – a continuously challenging task
example – Having three kids and four pets is an uphill battle. I’m constantly tired and skint.

Business idioms and expressions - uphill battle

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