Let’s take a look at some of the top business idioms starting with T.

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tackle something

meaning – deal with a task/problem/issue
example – I’ll tackle the pile of paperwork on my desk after lunch.

tackle something meaning and example

take a leaf out of someone’s book

meaning– copy, follow someone’s example as it will be to your advantage
example – You should take a leaf out of Reece’s book and study. He got 98% in the last exam.

business expressions list - take a leaf out of someone’s book meaning

take the bull by the horns

meaning– confront a problem head on, be brave and direct
example – I’ve had enough of his bad attitude, I’ll take the bull by the horns and fire him.

common business idioms - take the bull by the horns

talk shop

meaning– discuss work
example – Our husbands are mechanics, so they’re always talking shop when they’re together.

business idiom - talk shop

talk someone into

meaning– persuade someone to do something
example – We need to talk Alex into driving us to that rave in Bristol.

business idioms and expressions in English - talk someone into

talk someone out of something

meaning– persuade someone not to do something
example – I talked myself out of running the marathon, I’m just too lazy.

business idiom - talk someone out of

team player

meaning– a person who works well as a member of a team and puts personal goals aside
example – Shaun isn’t a team player, he only cares about himself.

business idiom - team player

the eleventh hour

meaning– the latest possible moment
example – Tina pulled out at the eleventh hour. Now there are only three of us going.

the eleventh hour

the homestretch

meaning– the final stage of a long activity
example – After tomorrow’s exam, we’re in the homestretch.

business idiom - the homestretch

the icing on the cake

meaning– something additional that makes a good situation even better
example – The fourth goal was the icing on the cake for the away side.

top business idioms and expressions in English - the icing on the cake meaning and example

the proof of the pudding is in the eating

meaning– something can only be judged once it has been used/tried/tested/experienced
example – The idea is great, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

business idiom - the proof of the pudding is in the eating meaning

the straw that broke the camel’s back/the last straw

meaning– the final small thing that causes failure
example – Callum arrived late again. That was the last straw, he was fired immediately.

Business idioms and expressions - the straw that broke the camel's back

there is no I in team

meaning– don’t work alone, work together to achieve a result
example – There’s no I in team, remember that on the pitch today boys.

business idioms and expressions in English - there is no I in team meaning

think outside the box

meaning– think of creative/original/imaginative/unusual ideas, forget about the rules
example – I need to think outside the box for my next crime novel. I want to keep my fans interested.

Business idioms and expressions - think outside the box

throw a curveball

meaning– surprise someone with a problem/situation/issue etc. which causes difficulties
example – She threw me a curveball and told me she was 4 months pregnant.

business idiom - throw a curveball

throw cold water on

meaning– discourage, reduce enthusiasm
example – I hate my job; my boss is always throwing cold water on my ideas.

Business idioms and expressions - throw cold water on

throw in at the deep end

meaning– make someone do something difficult without preparing them for it
example – I’ve never baked, and I’ve got to make a wedding cake. I’m being thrown in at the deep end.

business idiom - throw in at the deep end

throw money at someone/something

meaning– spend a lot of money to try and improve the situation
example – We need to stop throwing money at the project and look for a solution instead.

Business idioms and expressions - throw money at

thumbs down

meaning– a sign of disapproval/rejection
example – The manager gave the thumbs down to my new marketing idea.

thumbs up

meaning– a gesture of approval
example – My mum gave me the thumbs up when she met my hunky boyfriend.

business idiom - thumbs up

toe the line

meaning – follow the rules
example – You’ve got to start toeing the line or you’ll get kicked out of school.

Business idioms and expressions - toe the line

too close to call

meaning – you can’t predict the outcome, it will be by a small margin
example – The election is too close to call, either of the 3 could win.

business expressions - too close to call

toot one’s own horn

meaning – boast about your own skills/achievements
example – Lucas has every right to toot his own horn, he’s a self-made millionaire.

business expressions - toot one’s own horn

touch base

meaning – communicate with someone
example – The camping trip was great, I got to touch base with some old friends.

Business idioms and expressions - touch base

train of thought

meaning – a series of thoughts/ideas
example – Joe is a complicated guy, I never follow his train of thought.

business expressions - train of thought

tricks of the trade

meaning – clever techniques/methods known and used by professionals
example – My uncle taught me all the tricks of the trade. He was a mechanic for over 40 years.

business expressions - tricks of the trade meaning

turn the tables

meaning – reverse a situation
example – We were 3-0 down, now we’re 5-2 up. We turned the tables in the second half.

Business idioms and expressions - turn the tables

tweak something

meaning – slightly adjust/alter/fine-tune something to improve it
example – I need to do a few tweaks to next week’s rota. Jimmy and Jade can’t work together.

Business idioms and expressions - tweak something

twenty-four seven (24/7)

meaning – something is open/available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
example – If you need me just call. I’m available 24/7 to help you.

business idiom - twenty four seven

twist someone’s arm

meaning – persuade someone to do something they are reluctant to do
example – Please come out for a drink, I’ll keep twisting your arm until you do.

business idiom - twist someone’s arm

two-way street

meaning – give and take in equal amounts
example – You have to give respect if you want it in return, it’s a two-way street.

business idiom - two way street

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