Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known business idioms starting with W.

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water under the bridge

meaning – incidents in the past are no longer important
example – We didn’t speak for years, but it’s water under the bridge now.

Business idioms and expressions - water under the bridge meaning

wheel come/fall off

meaning – something suddenly/unexpectedly fails
example – We were 3-0 up, then the wheel came off.

business idiom - wheel come-fall off

where there’s smoke there’s fire

meaning – there is usually some truth in a rumour
example – There’s no way James embezzled thousands, but where there’s smoke…

Business idioms and expressions - where there’s smoke there's fire


meaning – professionals or office workers
example – All my family are white-collar workers.

business idiom - white-collar

whole different/new ballgame

meaning – a totally different situation from what you’re used to
example – I used to ride horses, but playing polo is a whole new ballgame.

Business idioms and expressions - whole different/new ballgame

win-win (situation)

meaning – both outcomes are beneficial
example – I’ll let you have some of my pizza if you give me some of your fries. It’s a win-win.

well-known business idiom - win win situation

word of mouth

meaning – hear about something from people not through adverts
example – Most of our business comes from word of mouth.

Business idioms and expressions - word of mouth

work one’s fingers to the bone

meaning – work very hard
example – My dad worked his fingers to the bone then died a week after he retired.

business idiom - work one’s fingers to the bone

work one’s socks off

meaning – work very hard
example – Harley worked his socks off and bought his dream car.

Business idioms and expressions - work one’s socks off

writing on the wall

meaning – signs that something bad will happen in the future
example – Can’t you see the writing on the wall? The company is going bankrupt.

business idiom - writing on the wall

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