Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy business idioms starting with N.

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name of the game

meaning – essential/important aspects for success
example – I love the Hunger games; the name of the game is survival.

business idioms and expressions - name of the game

nine to five

meaning – a routine office job
example – I love having a routine and working nine to five.

business idiom list - nine to five


meaning – the most important/fundamental factors
example – We started the class with a song, but we soon got down to the nitty-gritty.

business idioms and expressions - nitty-gritty


meaning – something that requires little thought/mental effort
example – My decision to fire that idiot was a no-brainer.

business idiom - no brainer meaning

no holds barred

meaning – no rules/restrictions
example – I went to a no holds barred wrestling match. It was brutal, one guy got his ear bitten off.

business idioms and expressions - no holds barred

no strings attached

meaning – an offer that has no limitations/conditions/restrictions
example – I found a job working from home. It’s £500 a week, no strings attached.

business idioms list- no strings attached meaning

no sweat

meaning – easy, require little effort
example – Calum said he can bench press 80 kg no sweat. I think he’s lying.

business idioms and expressions - no sweat

no-win situation

meaning – a situation where there is no chance of success
example – I’m in a no-win situation. Leave my job and have no money or stay and be unhappy.

noteworthy business idioms - no win situation

not by a long shot

meaning – not at all
example – I haven’t finished decorating my house yet. Not by a long shot.

business idioms and expressions - not by a long shot

number cruncher

meaning – perform calculations, do maths
example – I’m a number cruncher for a top law firm. I’ve always loved maths.

business idiom - number cruncher

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