Let’s take a look at some of the most searched business idioms starting with M.

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make a killing

meaning – make lots of money
example – I converted an old barn into lots of flats, I made a killing.

business idioms and expressions in English - make a killing meaning

make hay while the sun shines

meaning – make the most of an opportunity while you have the chance
example – I’ll make hay while the sun shines and listen to all my favourite cheesy songs. My husband won’t be back until the evening.

business idioms list - make hay while the sun shines

make one’s bed and lie in it

meaning – face the consequences of one’s actions
example – I told you not to use those cheap plumbers, you made your bed.

common business idioms - make one’s bed and lie in it meaning

man/woman of the world

meaning – a sophisticated/wise person with lots of life experience
example – Kira is a woman of the world, she doesn’t need your help.

business idioms list - man-woman of the world

mean business

meaning – very serious and determined about something
example – I’ve just bought a new suit and briefcase to show everyone I mean business.

corporate idioms/business idiom - mean business definition

meet halfway

meaning – compromise, often in an argument
example – I’ll meet you halfway. If you agree to pay for the broken window, I won’t involve the police.

business idiom - meet halfway

meet one’s match

meaning – your opponent is as good as you
example – The new guy Liam is a real joker. Alex has finally met his match.

business idioms and expressions - meet one’s match

miss the boat

meaning – miss an opportunity
example – Ask her out now she’s newly single, you don’t want to miss the boat again.

business idioms and expressions in English - miss the boat meaning

mix business with pleasure

meaning – do something that brings together working life with personal life
example – I’m meeting my client at the golf house. I can mix business with pleasure.

corporate idioms - business idioms list - mix business with pleasure

money spinner

meaning – a business/project/idea that makes a lot of money
example – Nick has thought of a great money-spinning idea.

common business idioms - money-spinner meaning

monkey business

meaning – mischievous behaviour
example – I’m away on business next week. Make sure there is no monkey business whilst I’m gone.

business idioms and expressions - monkey business

mountain to climb

meaning – facing a very difficult task/challenge
example – The new president is doing a great job, but he still has a mountain to climb.

business idiom - mountain to climb

move heaven and earth

meaning – work very hard to achieve something
example – Lawrence is a good chap. He’ll move heaven and earth to finish the project on time.

business idioms and expressions - move heaven and earth meaning

move in the same circles

meaning – associate/socialise with similar people/organisations
example – I know Janine. We move in the same circles, she’s a lawyer too.

business phrases - move in the same circles meaning

move mountains

meaning – be able to achieve very difficult things
example – I believe our world cup squad can move mountains this year.

business idioms and expressions in English - move mountains

move the goalposts

meaning – change the rules/parameters to make a situation more difficult
example – I met the conditions, but they refused my proposal. They can’t keep moving the goalposts.

most searched business idiom - move the goalposts meaning and example

mover and shaker

meaning – a powerful person in a particular area/field/activity
example – I made friends with some movers and shakers of the music industry.

common business idiom - mover and shaker


meaning – do multiple tasks/jobs at the same time
example – My husband can’t multitask. He burnt the toast and sent the boy to nursery in a frock.

business idiom - multitask

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