Let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding business idioms starting with O.

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off base

meaning – incorrect, mistaken
example – You seem a little off base today class, perhaps because we’re nearing the end of term.

business idiom - off base

off the top of one’s head

meaning – recall something from memory
example – I’ve got a new number, I can’t remember it off the top of my head.

business idiom - off the top of one’s head

old hand

meaning – an experienced/skilled person
example – I’m an old hand at fixing cars. I’ve been doing it for 40 years.

business idiom - old hand

on a roll

meaning – enjoy a prolonged spell of success/luck
example – I’ve signed up four new clients and it’s not even 10 am, I’m on a roll.

business idioms and expressions in English - on a roll meaning

on a shoestring

meaning – on a tight budget, for little money
example – I can’t come to the cinema tonight, I’m on a shoestring at the moment.

business idiom - on a shoestring

on hand

meaning – available to be used if needed
example – We have a team of 50 lawyers on hand 24/7 to help with all your legal needs.

business idiom - on hand

on target

meaning – accurate, likely to achieve what you’ve planned
example – We’re still on target to meet the deadline. Keep up the good work.

business idiom - on target

on the back burner

meaning – temporarily put aside, low priority
example – Our holiday plans have been put on the back burner. We need to fix our leaking roof first.

business idioms and expressions in English - on the back burner meaning

on the ball

meaning – alert, focused, efficient
example – You haven’t been on the ball recently. Are you having problems at home?

business idiom - on the ball

on the ropes

meaning – close to defeat/collapse
example – The old pro is on the ropes. It looks like the young boxer will beat him.

Business idioms and expressions - learn the ropes

on the same page

meaning – all parties agree or have the same amount of knowledge
example – I’ll read out the instructions before we start. I want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Outstanding Business Idioms meaning - on the same page

on the same wavelength

meaning – think/behave in the same way as another person
example – We’re not on the same wavelength anymore, I think we should split up.

business idioms list - on the same wavelength meaning

on the side-lines

meaning – not actively participating
example – Thomas has hurt his knee, so he’ll be on the side-lines today.

business idiom - on the sidelines meaning and example

on top of something

meaning – have something under complete control
example – My secretary is on holiday, so I need to keep on top of my work.

business idioms list - on top of something


meaning – persuade someone to support/agree with you
example – Once the council are onside, we can go ahead with the house extension.

business idiom - onside

out in the open

meaning – in view of the public or public knowledge
example – My town is a disgrace, young kids are doing drugs out in the open.

business idiom - out in the open

out of one’s depth

meaning – not have enough knowledge
example – Wendy has started a job at a top law firm. I think she’s out of her depth.

business idiom - out of one’s depth

out of the loop

meaning – not part of the group that is told information
example – She’s out of the loop, she hasn’t had the internet for over a week.

business idiom - out of the loop

out of the running

meaning – not a contender in a competition
example – If this scandal breaks, Lawler will be out of the running to become Chancellor.

common business idiom - out of the running

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