The word ‘carry‘ can mean many different things. As a verb, the meaning is to support the weight of something.​​​​

For example:

  • Can you carry my shopping bag? (support the weight of)
  • I’ll carry the baby.


Carry is a regular verb. The past tense and past participle is carried.

phrasal verbs with carry

Phrasal verbs with ‘carry’ include:

  • carry forward
    meaning – transfer something into the next period
    example – Any phone credit that hasn’t been used won’t be carried forward to the next month.
  • carry off
    meaning – lift someone/something away or manage something successfully
    example – I didn’t think I could carry off the gothic look, but it turns out I can.
  • carry on (with)
    meaning – continue or have an affair
    example – My husband has been carrying on with another woman, I don’t think I can carry on.
  • carry out
    meaning – perform a task
    example – They’ve carried out a few tests on my dog. It’s not good news, he’s very sick.
  • carry over
    meaning – lift something from one place to another or transfer over from a previous period
    example – Can you help carry my bags over to the car?
  • carry through
    meaning – complete something successfully or to survive
    example – The government carried through their plans despite opposition.

picture examples

phrasal verbs with carry

Let’s learn the meaning of the phrasal verbs that contain the verb ‘carry’ in more detail and see some examples in use.

phrasal verbs with carry - carry forward
phrasal verbs with carry - carry off
phrasal verbs with carry - carry on (with)
phrasal verbs with carry - carry out
phrasal verbs with carry - carry over
phrasal verbs with carry - carry through

You can download a table of phrasal verbs with carry below.