Golf is an individual sport where the players hit a small ball with a club into a hole. The player with the least amount of strokes wins.​

Golf idioms and expressions

Many idioms originated from golf and here is a list of them with examples.

  • a round of golf
    meaning – a game of golf (18 holes)
    example – Do you fancy a few rounds of golf at the weekend? I want to test out my new clubs.
  • hole in one
    meaning – a shot that enters the hole on the first hit in golf
    example – I got a hole in one, it was a total fluke.
  • par for the course
    meaning – what is normal/typical/expected
    example – Dropping out of college is a par for the course these days.
  • up to par
    meaning – satisfactory, acceptable
    example – The main course was nice, but the dessert wasn’t up to par.

Golf idioms and expressions with pictures

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round idioms - round of golf
golf sayings - hole in one
golf expressions - par for the course
quotes on golf - up to par

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