Cricket is team game that is played on a circular field with a 20-meter rectangular pitch in the middle. Each team has 11 players and the aim is to score runs by hitting a ball as far as possible with a bat.​

cricket idioms and expressions

Many idioms originated from cricket and here is a list of them with examples.

  • bat for someone
    meaning – support/help/defend someone
    example – Do you think you could bat for me and speak to your boss? I really need this job.
  • bat for the other team
    meaning – homosexual
    example – Do you think Stanley bats for the other team? He’s never had a girlfriend.
  • bowled over
    meaning – very impressed/surprised by something
    example – We were bowled over by the politeness of the teenagers next door.
  • have a good innings
    meaning – had a long successful life/career
    example – Albert had a good innings, he deserves his retirement.
  • knock someone for six
    meaning – shock, surprise, overwhelm
    example – Meeting James knocked me for six. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone at a swimming pool.
  • sticky wicket
    meaning – a difficult/delicate situation
    example – I found myself on a sticky wicket. I got to the till and realised I had forgotten my wallet.

cricket idioms and expressions with pictures

cricket expressions and phrases
cricket phrases - bat for someone
cricket phrases - bat for the other team
cricket phrases - bowled over
cricket expressions - have a good innings
cricket expressions - knock someone for six
cricket expressions - sticky wicket

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