Flowers, plants and trees are living organisms that grow from the ground and make our planet beautiful. There are many idioms and phrases which come from these organisms, let’s take a look at them.

Daisy sayings

So, a daisy is a type of flower that symbolizes innocence and purity. They come from Europe and grow on grassland. Daises grow all over the grass in summer and kids use them to make daisy chains. Daisy used to be a common name for a cow. Now it’s a popular girl’s name.

daisy sayings
nature sayings - daisy sayings - as fresh as a daisy
nature sayings - daisy sayings - oops-a-daisy meaning
nature sayings - daisy sayings - pushing up the daisies

Grass sayings

Grass is the green plant with short narrow leaves which grows all over the place. It’s also food for lots of herbivores like cows, sheep and rabbits.

grass idioms and phrases
grass expressions - don’t let the grass grow under one’s f
quotes about green grass - grass is always greener on the other side
grass phrases - grass roots
grass idioms - snake in the grass

hay sayings

Hay is grass, or some other green vegetation that has been cut and dried. It is used to feed animals especially during winter when nothing grows.

hay idioms and sayings
hay idioms and sayings - hit the hay/sack
hay idioms and sayings - make hay while the sun shines
hay idioms and sayings - needle in a haystack

leaf sayings

A leaf is the flat green part of a tree or plant, they help make food for the plant. The plural is leaves, just like the 3rd person form of the verb ‘to leave’.

Fun fact – Words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings are called homonyms.

leaf sayings and phrases
leaf sayings and phrases - shake like a leaf
leaf sayings and phrases - take a leaf out of someone’s book
leaf sayings and phrases - turn over a new leaf

pasture sayings

A pasture is land that is covered in grass or other types of plants that animals can eat. The farmers put their animals into the pasture to graze (eat).

pasture idioms and sayings
greener pasture quotes - greener pastures
pasture idioms and sayings - pastures new

plant expressions

A plant is a living thing that grows in the ground. They are usually green and can have stems, leaves, fruits, and flowers. Plant is a noun but also a verb. As a verb it means to put seeds or an existing plant into the soil to grow. You plant a plant – easy to remember and it’s a regular verb.

There is a good 80s musical about a man-eating plant, It’s called Little Shop of Horrors. Watching films are great for learning English and you can sing along with this one too.

plant expressions and sayings
plant idioms - beat around the bush
plant sayings - blooming marvellous
plant sayings - come into bloom
plant sayings - flower power
plant expressions - have green fingers/green fingered
plant idioms - late bloomer
plant expressions - nip something in the bud
plant idioms - shrinking violet

root expressions

The roots of a plant are the branch like structures which are typically underground. Their job is to suck up water and provide support.

root expressions and phrases
root expressions and phrases - grass roots
root idioms - put down roots
root expressions and phrases - root for

rose expressions

A rose is a pretty flower that can be various colours and comes from a bush. The stem has thorns on it.


Did you know…the red rose is the emblem of England.

rose expressions
rose expressions - come out/up smelling of roses
rose expressions - rose-tinted glasses

seed phrases

A seed is a small oval object. By planting the seed, you can grow more plants and trees.

Think of it like the ‘egg’ of the plant.

seed phrases
seed phrases - go to seed
seed phrases - sow one’s oats

straw phrases

Straw is dried stalks of grain. It’s usually used as bedding for animals and sometimes food. Straw can also be used in building foe cobbing and roofs.

Fun fact – A straw is the thing we put into our drinks to suck the liquid up through. The pronunciation is the same, but we use the indefinite article.

straw idioms and phrases
straw idioms and phrases - last/final straw
straw idioms and phrases - the straw that broke the camel’s back/the last straw

tree sayings

A tree is a big plant with a wooden trunk and branches. It can have leaves, flowers, and fruits. There are many different types of trees in the world.

tree idioms, expressions and sayings
tree sayings - bark up the wrong tree
tree sayings - can’t see the wood for the trees
tree sayings - family tree
tree sayings - money doesn’t grow on trees meaning
tree expressions - olive branch
tree expressions - sleep like log
tree expressions - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
tree expressions - blossom into

wood expressions

Wood is the tough material that makes up the trunk and branches of trees. Wood has many uses such as building and as a fuel.

wood expressions and sayings
nature idiom (wood sayings) - can’t see the wood for the trees
nature idiom (wood sayings) - come/crawl out of the woodwork
nature idiom (wood expressions) - get the wrong end of the stick
nature idiom (wood expressions) - one’s neck of the woods
nature idiom (wood sayings) - out of the woods
nature idiom (wood expressions) - touch wood
nature idiom (wood sayings) - up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire