Take a peek at these idioms and expressions with bread and pastry. They all come with picture to help you understand better.

bread idioms

No matter which country you’re from, you’re bound to have bread in your diet. Bread is a cheap staple food made from flour, water, and yeast (to make it rise). It’s then baked in the oven.

FUN FACT – ‘ Brown bread’ is a slang term meaning dead. It’s a special type of slang that is specifically for London – it’s called Cockney rhyming slang.

bread idioms and sayings

as warm as toast

meaning – comfortably warm and cosy
example – The dog will be as warm as toast in his new bed.

bread idioms and sayings - as warm as toast

bread and butter

meaning – work that provides the main income
example – Our bread and butter is a big wad of inheritance left to me by my great aunt.

bread idioms and sayings - bread and butter


meaning – a person who earns the majority of the money to support the family
example – I decided to be the breadwinner. My husband only works a few hours a week.

bread idioms - breadwinner

bun in the oven

meaning – be pregnant I’m sure
example – Tilly has a bun in the oven, look at the shape of her stomach.

bread idioms and sayings - bun in the oven


meaning – a slang term for money
example – I’m in desperate need of some dough! I was made redundant las month.

bread idioms - dough

know which side one’s bread is buttered

meaning – someone knows what to do/say to get an advantage
example – Danny knows which side of his bread is buttered; he’ll get the promotion.

bread expressions - know which side of one's bread is buttered

loaf around

meaning – do nothing, be lazy, waste time
example – I’ve loafed around all weekend; I think I’ll go for a stroll and get some fresh air.

bread idioms - loaf around

on the breadline

meaning – very poor, live in poverty
example – Many families are on the breadline due to the rising cost of living.

bread expressions - on the breadline

the best thing since sliced bread

meaning – a great idea/invention/plan
example – A GPS is the best thing since sliced bread. I never get lost.

bread idioms and sayings - the best thing since sliced bread

pie expressions

Who doesn’t love a pie? A pie (pronounced p-i-yuh) is a sweet or savoury filling that is encased in delicious pasty and baked in the oven. Popular British fillings include: minced beef and onion, steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom and for dessert – apple.

pie idioms and expressions

as easy as pie

meaning – very easy, simple
example – The exam was as easy as pie, I’ve definitely passed.

pie idioms and expressions - as easy as pie

as nice as pie

meaning – extremely pleasant/polite
example – Our new neighbours are as nice as pie, we’ll enjoy living next to them.

pie idioms and expressions - as nice as pie

eat humble pie

meaning – admit you are wrong after being humiliated
example – If the CCTV proves Ethan is innocent, we’ll have to eat humble pie.

pie sayings - eat humble pie

have one’s fingers in lots of pies

meaning – be involved in many different things
example – She does yoga, Pilates, running and karate. That woman has her fingers in lots of pies.

pie sayings - have one's fingers in lots of pies

pie in the sky

meaning – a good but unrealistic idea
example – The chairman thinks we can raise the money. I think it’s pie in the sky.

pie idioms and expressions - pie in the sky

pie in the sky

meaning – a good but unrealistic idea
example – The chairman thinks we can raise the money. I think it’s pie in the sky.

pie sayings - pie-eyed

slice of the pie

meaning – a portion of the profits
example – Our boss is great. We all get a slice of the pie, five extra days holiday.

pie idioms and expressions - slice of the pie

sandwich phrases

A sandwich is a classic food us Brits eat for lunch. It consists of a delicious filling which includes meat, cheese and salad vegetables sandwiched between 2 pieces of bread. Yes, that’s right, I said ‘sandwiched’. It’s also a regular verb which means to insert or squeeze people or objects between other people or objects. For example

  • I didn’t enjoy the concert, I was sandwiched between 2 6-foot men,

FUN FACT – The ‘d’ in sandwich can be pronounced or silent, in reality, most people pronounce it like ‘sam-wich’.

sandwich idioms and phrases

a knuckle sandwich

meaning – punch someone
example – I was in the club and a bloke came over and gave me a knuckle sandwich for no reason.

sandwich idioms and phrases - knuckle sandwich

a sandwich short of a picnic

meaning – a stupid/mad/not very intelligent person
example – I caught my neighbour hoovering her lawn. She’s definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.

sandwich idioms and phrases - sandwich short of a picnic

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