Cockney rhyming slang uses rhyming words instead of real words to make a phrase. It was first created in the east end of London (Cockney = a slang term for a Londoner). The rhyming slang has no relationship with the phrase, it’s only used because it rhymes (so it will help you with pronunciation). Sometimes we just say part of the phrase, not all of it.​​​

Cockney rhyming slang list

Let’s learn the lingo of Londoners, take a look at some rhyming slang and see if you can understand.

  • Adam and Eve
    meaning – believe
    example – Would you Adam and Eve it, she`s only gone and dumped him.
    Adam and Eve are biblical characters.
  • Alan Wickers
    meaning – knickers
    example – Don’t get your Alan Wicker`s in a twist.
    Alan Wickers was a British journalist, presenter, and broadcaster.
  • apples and pears
    meaning – stairs
    example – Run up the apples and pears and grab my glasses will ya?
  • Artful Dodger
    meaning – lodger
    example – My artful dodger ain’t been paying his rent, so I told him to sling his hook (leave).
    The artful dodger is a character from the Charles Dickins novel Oliver Twist.
  • bacon and eggs
    meaning – legs
    example – I need a sit down; my bacon and eggs are aching.
  • baked bean
    meaning – Queen
    example – Hush, the baked bean is coming on the custard and jelly to make a speech.
  • baker`s dozen
    meaning – cousin
    example – I`m going round my baker`s dozen for a chinwag.
  • Barnet fair
    meaning – hair
    example – I love your new Barnet.
    Barnet fair is an annual horse fair.
  • Barney Rubble
    meaning – trouble
    example – The boy`s been getting into barney rubble at school.
    Barney Rubble is a character from The Flintstones.
  • battle cruiser
    meaning – boozer
    example – Why don’t us lads go down the battle cruiser.
  • bees/bread and honey
    meaning – money
    example – I`m working all weekend, I need some more bread and honey.
  • boat race
    meaning – face
    example – What`s up with your boat race? You moody git.
  • Bob Hope
    meaning – soap
    example – Buy me a bar of Bop Hope, I need a good shower.
    Bop Hope was an English-American comedian.
  • bottle and glass
    meaning – ass
    example – Your skirt`s too short, everyone can see your bottle and glass.
  • box of toys
    meaning – noise
    example – What a racket! Whose making all that box of toys?
  • bread and cheese
    meaning – sneeze
    example – I keep bread and cheesing; summer must be on its way.
  • bricks and mortar
    meaning – daughter
    example – The bricks and mortar got top marks again.
  • Bristol cities
    meaning – titties
    example – Look at that bird, she`s got her Bristol’s out.
  • brown bread
    meaning – dead
    example – The old dear next door is brown bread.
  • bubble bath/giraffe
    meaning – laugh
    example – You`re `avin a giraffe ain’t ya? (you`re joking, right?)
  • bull and cow
    meaning – row
    example – Hark at those two across the street, they`re having a right bull and cow.
  • butcher’s hook
    meaning – look
    example – Have a butchers at my new dog and bone.
  • cream crackered
    meaning – knackered
    example – I`m cream crackered, I need an early night.
  • custard and jelly
    meaning – telly
    example – Stick on the custard and jelly and have a butchers at what`s on.
  • Damon Hill
    meaning – pill
    example – I`m off to a rave tonight, I’ve got 2 Damon Hills in my pocket, it`s gonna be a good `un.
    Damon Hill was British racing driver.
  • Darby and Joan
    meaning – moan
    example – The missus is `avin a Darby and Joan.
    Darby and Joan is a word for a content couple who are happy living a quiet simple life.
  • Darren Gough
    meaning – cough
    example – I woke up with a right Darren Gough today.
    Darren Gough was an English cricketer.
  • dicky bird
    meaning – word
    example – Oi, I need a dicky bird with you.
  • dog and bone
    meaning – phone
    example – Can somebody answer the dog and bone?
  • duck and dive
    meaning – skive
    example – I`m gonna duck and dive today.
  • fireman`s hose
    meaning – nose
    example – Look at the size of the fireman’s hose on that chap.
  • frog and toad
    meaning – road
    example – Walk a few more blocks down the frog and toad and you`ll be there.
  • half inch
    meaning – pinch
    example – Your bike`s nice, be careful someone don’t half inch it.
  • Hank Marvin
    meaning – starving
    example – I`m hank Marvin, who fancies bangers and mash?
    Hank Marvin is a British singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.
  • jam jar
    meaning – car
    example – Let`s take your new jam jar out for a spin.
  • Jimmy Riddle
    meaning – piddle
    example – I`m off to the khazi for a jimmy riddle.
  • Lady Godiva
    meaning – fiver
    example – I still owe you a Lady Godiva.
    Lady Godiva was an English noblewoman who rode through the streets naked on a horse.
  • Lionel Blairs
    meaning – flares
    example – It`s fancy dress at the weekend, perhaps I’ll get my Lionel Blairs out.
    Lionel Blair is an actor, presenter and tap dancer.
  • loaf of bread
    meaning – head
    example – Use your loaf, what`s happened to common sense.
  • mince pies
    meaning – eyes
    example – I think I need to go to the optician, my mince pies are getting worse.
  • Moby Dick
    meaning – sick
    example – The governor ain’t in today he`s Moby Dick.
    Moby Dick is a novel about a whale.
  • Mork and Mindy
    meaning – windy
    example – I`m not going out, it`s Mork and Mindy outside.
    Mork and Mindy is an American Sitcom starring Robin Williams.
  • Pete Tong
    meaning – wrong
    example – I got fired and my misses finished with me, it`s all gone Pete Tong.
    Pete Tong is an English DJ.
  • plates of meat
    meaning – feet
    example – I`ve been walking all day, my plates of meat ache.
  • pork pie
    meaning – lie
    example – Don’t tell porkies, I will find out the truth.
  • raspberry tart
    meaning – fart
    example – That smells awful, who did a raspberry tart?
  • Richard III
    meaning – turd (shit)
    example – Who did a Richard the third in the toilet and didn’t flush?
    Richard III was a king of England.
  • Rosie Lee
    meaning – tea
    example – Stick the kettle on, and we can all have a nice cup of Rosie Lee.
  • Ruby Murray
    meaning – curry
    example – I fancy a Ruby Murray for tea.
    Ruby Murry was a singer in the 1950s.
  • sausage roll
    meaning – goal
    example – What a stunning sausage roll by Parker.
  • skyrocket
    meaning – pocket
    example – Put that pony (£25) in your skyrocket before someone swipes it.
  • tea leaf
    meaning – thief
    example – Whose tea leafed my bacon sarnie?
  • trouble and strife
    meaning – wife
    example – I`m in the bad books with the trouble and strife.
  • Vera Lynn
    meaning – gin
    example – Let`s go down the battle cruiser for a Vera Lynn.
    Vera Lynn is a singer, songwriter, and actress.
  • whistle and flute
    meaning – suit
    example – I’ve bought a new whistle and flute for the wedding.
cockney rhyming slang list
cockney rhyming slang list

Cockney rhyming slang picture examples

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