Let’s take a look at some business idioms starting with J.

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jockey for position

meaning – try to get into a better position against your competitors
example – All candidates are jockeying for position. They’re trying to get the most media coverage.

jargon business idioms - jockey for position

jump in feet first

meaning – do something quickly without hesitating or panicking
example – Starting a new school is scary, jump in feet first and you’ll be fine.

jargon business idioms - jump in feet first

jump in with both feet

meaning – start doing something enthusiastically
example – Louis is a great addition to the team, he jumped in with both feet.

jargon business idioms - jump in with both feet meaning

jump on the bandwagon

meaning – join a popular trend or activity
example – Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and playing Pokémon Go.

business idioms list - jump on the bandwagon

jump ship

meaning – leave an organisation and move to another
example – Did the CEO really jump ship or was he pushed?

business idiom - jump ship

jump the gun

meaning – do something before the appropriate time
example – I asked her to move in with me. I think I jumped the gun, we’ve only been dating for 2 months.

business idiom - jump the gun

jump through hoops

meaning – complete many difficult challenges in order to achieve something
example – My friend has been jumping through hoops to get us tickets to Beyoncé.

business idioms and expressions in English - jump through hoops meaning

jump to conclusions

meaning – decide before you have all the facts
example – Hayley is always jumping to conclusions. She gets herself into so much trouble.

business idiom - jump to conclusions

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