Let’s take a look at some of the most important business idioms starting with I.

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in a class of one’s own

meaning – much better than someone/something similar, nothing else compares
example – My quadruple chocolate fudge cake is in a class of its own.

business phrases - in a class of one’s own

in a different league

meaning – much better at doing something
example – Freddie is in a different league than the other boys. He’ll play in the Premiership one day.

business phrases - in a different league meaning

in a nutshell

meaning – in a few words, brief
example – Tell me the story in a nutshell, I have to go out.

business idiom - in a nutshell

in for the high jump

meaning – likely to be punished
example – When I find out who slashed my tyres, they’ll be in for the high jump.

business sayings list - in for the high jump

in full swing

meaning – operating fully, the level of activity is at its highest
example – I love this time of year; the football season is in full swing.

common business idioms - in full swing

in hot water

meaning – in a lot of trouble
example – I’ll be in hot water with my parents when they find out I’ve been skipping school.

business idiom - in hot water

in it for the long haul

meaning – continue with something until the end/for a long time
example – I’ve just got a job with a big company, I’m in it for the long haul.

business idiom - in it for the long haul

in someone’s corner

meaning – give someone your full support
example – He’s innocent, why am I the only one in his corner?

business idiom - in someone's corner

in stock

meaning – goods are available
example – I hope the new Nintendo game I want is in stock.

business idiom - in stock

in the black

meaning – have money, not be in debt
example – This time next year I will have paid off all my debts and be in the black.

business idioms list - in the black meaning

in the driver’s seat

meaning – be in control
example – Simon has left the project, I hope they put me in the driver’s seat.

business idiom - in the driver’s seat

in the pipeline

meaning – being planned, about to start
example – Our band is gaining popularity, we have a new album and tour in the pipeline.

business idiom - in the pipeline

in the red

meaning – in debt
example – My business is in the red. If I don’t start making money, it will go under.

business sayings and expressions in English - in the red meaning

in the running

meaning – a contender in a competition
example – That song is amazing. It’s definitely in the running for Christmas number 1.

business idiom - in the running

in the same boat

meaning – in the same situation as another person
example – should meet Jack. You’re both in the same boat, divorced with a kid.

business sayings list- in the same boat meaning

in the same league

meaning – on the same level of skill (or not)
example – Sally is quite good, but she’s not in the same league as Judy.

business idiom - in the same league

it’s a jungle out there

meaning – life is hard, it’s difficult to survive
example – Stay safe on your travels. It’s a jungle out there.

common business idiomss and expressions in English - it’s a jungle out there meaning

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