Here are some other idioms that contain less common body parts.

  • Achilles’ heel
    meaning – a weakness
    example – Thompson’s Achilles’ heel is his left hand. He can’t return the ball with it.
  • at the top of one’s lungs
    meaning – as loud as possible
    example – The home fans chanted at the top of their lungs after they went 2-0 up.
  • beach body
    meaning – a slim/toned body ready to be shown in the hot weather
    example – I need to hit the gym 4 times a week if I want a beach body this summer.
  • body part + ache
    meaning – a continuous dull pain in a part of one’s body
    example – I’ve eaten too much ice cream; I’ve got a stomach-ache.
  • booby prize
    meaning – a joke prize given to the person who comes last
    example – I hope I don’t come last this year; I don’t want the booby prize again.
  • go for the jugular
    meaning – attack someone where it will hurt them the most
    example – Marie wanted full custody, so she went for the jugular and brought up Scott’s drug addiction.
  • go out on a limb
    meaning – take a risk for something you believe in
    example – The lawyer went out on a limb for the defendant as he knew he wasn’t guilty.
  • go tits-up
    meaning – go wrong
    example – We were winning until the final 10 minutes then it all went tits-up. They scored 3.
  • in the flesh
    meaning – meet someone face to face
    example – I’ve been messaging a guy for months. I’m going to see him in the flesh tonight.
  • joined at the hip
    meaning – be very close to someone
    example – My cat and dog are joined at the hip. It’s so nice watching them play together.
  • keep your trap shut
    meaning – don’t say anything, keep the secret
    example – My brother broke the TV. He told me to keep my trap shut or he would kill me.
  • over my dead body
    meaning – something will never happen
    example – I told my mum I’m going to marry Michael. She said over her dead body.
  • raise eyebrows
    meaning – surprise or shock people
    example – There were raised eyebrows as the vicar was arrested.
  • send shivers down one’s spine
    meaning – scare, terrify, exhilarate, or excite someone
    example – I saw Guns ‘n’ Roses play live, they sent shivers down my spine.
  • skeleton in one’s closet
    meaning – an embarrassing/damaging secret
    example – I’m seeing a guy; I think he has a few skeletons in his closet.
  • the dog’s bollocks
    meaning – describe something as brilliant, fantastic, excellent, the best etc.
    example – William thinks he’s the dog’s bollocks at hockey, Adam is much better than him.
  • thinning on top
    meaning – losing your hair, going bald
    example – Kaden started to thin on top when he was in his teens.

other body part idioms list with pictures

Here’s some real life picture examples.

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