You all know what a rabbit is right? If not, I’ll tell you…

A rabbit is a small fluffy mammal with long ears. They eat grass and are either wild or kept as pets. Another name for a rabbit is a ‘bunny’.

rabbit idioms and expressions

Here’s a list of idioms about rabbits.

  • bunny boiler
    meaning – a possessive, obsessive, possibly dangerous stalker
    example – I dumped my girlfriend, and she has turned into a bunny boiler. She follows me to work and sits in her car spying on me every night.
  • pull a rabbit out of the hat
    meaning – suddenly do something clever
    example – England will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat if they want to win the FIFA World Cup this year.
  • rabbit in headlights
    meaning – frozen in fear
    example – The four pranksters were like rabbits in headlights as they walked to the headmaster’s office.

rabbit idioms and expressions with pictures

Click on the pictures below to learn some common idioms and expressions with rabbits. Each idiom includes the meaning and a real-life picture example.​

popular english idioms - rabbit/bunny expressions and sayings
rabbit/bunny sayings - bunny boiler
rabbit/bunny expressions - like a rabbit in headlights
rabbit/bunny idioms - pull a rabbit out of the hat

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