You all know what a pig is right? If not, I’ll tell you…

A pig is a pink farmyard animal that likes to roll around in the mud. They eat pretty much anything and are bred for meat (pork, ham and bacon).​


FUN FACT – The word ‘pig’ is a slang word for a greedy person or a nasty person.

e.g. My boyfriend is such a pig! He’s just eaten a whole packed of biscuits.

pig idioms and sayings

Here’s a list of idioms about pigs.

  • as happy as a pig in shit
    meaning – very happy
    example – I’ve given the dogs a lamb bone, they’re as happy as a pig in shit.
  • fat pig
    meaning – a fat greedy person
    example – My brother is such a fat pig, he ate all my chocolates.
  • go the whole hog
    meaning – be thorough, complete, extravagant
    example – I’ve been suspended from school. I may as well go the whole hog and get expelled.
  • make a pig’s ear of something
    meaning – make a complete mess of something
    example – My wife always makes a right pig’s ear of the dinner.
  • pig out
    meaning – eat lots of food
    example – We pigged out a lot on holiday. I need to go on a diet.
  • piggyback
    meaning – be carried on someone’s back
    example – Give Janey a piggyback. We’ve been walking for hours; her little legs must be tired.
  • pig-headed
    meaning – someone is stubborn and refuses to change their mind
    example – My husband is so pig-headed. He won’t let me drive as he thinks women are bad drivers.
  • pigs might fly
    meaning – something is unlikely to happen
    example – Carrie: You never know, the new Prime Minister might cut taxes.
                      Billie: Pigs might fly!
  • road hog
    meaning – a selfish/dangerous/aggressive driver
    example – Sorry I’m late, there were lots of road hogs on the roads this morning.

pig idioms and sayings with pictures

Click on the pictures below to learn some common idioms and expressions with pigs. Each idiom includes the meaning and a real-life picture example.​

popular english idioms - pig phrases and sayings
pig phrases - as happy as a pig in shit
pig idioms - fat pig
pig phrases - go the whole hog
pig sayings - make a pig's ear of
pig sayings - pig out
pig sayings - piggyback
pig idioms - pig-headed
pig idioms - pigs might fly
pig idioms - road hog

You can download a table of pig idioms and sayings below.

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