English swear words list and meaning
rude/naughty/bas words to speak in English

This page is all about the wonderful world of English swear words!

A swear word can also be referred to as a bad/cuss/naughty/rude word. They are intended to cause offense to another person or express frustration or anger. Sometimes people just swear and use slang because they think it’s cool.

Look away now if you don’t like swearing. I know it’s bad to swear but we all do it every now and again. If you really want to sound like an English person, you need to know how to swear in English!


I’ve made a chart ranging from the weakest swear words to the strongest ones.

strongest/worst rude words

The most common swear word in English is the word ‘fuck’ it’s very diverse and can be used in a variety of ways. It can also be one of the worst if used in the right context. You wouldn’t want to say it to your teacher, or you’d end up in trouble! Another bad one in ‘cunt’ this word and be very derogatory however, in Australia people use it all the time and refer to their friends as ‘cunts’.

Let’s take a look at the most offensive swear words England has to offer.

worst English swear words

As I mentioned before, ‘fuck’ is truly diverse. Check out these brilliant videos on how it can be used in context.

bad/harsh rude words

Here we have some bad words that could cause offence to someone if said in the right way. These rude words can also be said jokingly between friends. It’s common for youngsters to refer to each other as ‘wankers’.

worst English swear words

Check out this ‘bus wankers’ scene from the TV series The Inbetweeners. It’s a brilliant show for seeing how teenagers really speak.

moderate swear words

Now we’ve got the moderate swear words. You probably wouldn’t get into a load of trouble if you said these. However, you might offend the older generation or get a slap if you called a woman a munter.

Even the baby likes rude British words. Check this scene from Meet the Fockers (even the title is a play on the word ‘fuckers’).

mildest swear words

Now these words aren’t even considered to be swearing anymore. They have lost their naughtiness over the years and can be used in most situations. Well, maybe not at school or in an interview. So, here they are…

Let’s finish this page with a bit more fucking. Although Hugh Grant usually plays the bumbling English idiot and uses words like bugger, bloody and git. Check out this scene from one of his movies.