Blending, blend words, or portmanteau words are one of the many ways to create a new word in English. A blend word is created by merging two existing words together to make a new word. The meaning of the new word combines the meanings of the original words. They are very common in this day and age.

blending and portmanteau meaning
portmanteau meaning

blend word examples

Let’s take a look at some more examples and see if you get the hang of it.

  • breakfast + lunch = brunch (a meal eaten late morning instead of breakfast and lunch)
  • electronic + mail = email (text communication over the internet)
  • glamorous + camping = glamping (posh camping with home comforts)
  • mock + cocktail = mocktail (a non- alcoholic cocktail)
  • work + alcoholic = workaholic (a person who never stops working)


Have you heard of any of these before?

blending words examples

blend words list

Here are some more examples for you to familiarise yourselves with plus an example in use.

  • alcohol + pop = alcopop
    example – I don’t want to get wasted tonight, so I’m only taking a couple of alcopops (said no one ever!
alcopop meaning
  • bang + smash = bash
    example – Let`s go on the dodgems next, I want to bash the shit out of you.
bash meaning
  • biology + electronic = bionic
    example – Have you seen the news? Doctors have made a bionic body for a guy who was in a car smash.
bionic meaning
  • biography + picture = biopic
    example – There`s a biopic on telly tonight, I’m going to stay in and watch it.
biopic meaning
  • web + log = blog
    example – I write a blog for a magazine.
blog meaning
  • Bombay + Hollywood = Bollywood
    example – My friend is a Bollywood star.
Bollywood meaning
  • booty + delicious = bootylicious
    example – My body`s so bootylicious baby.
bootylicious meaning
  • boxing + exercise = boxercise
    example – I`m not going to boxercise tonight, I can’t be bothered.
boxercise meaning
  • breakfast + lunch = brunch
    We`re doing brunch later this week so I’ll ask her then.
brunch meaning
  • breath + analyser = breathalyser
    example – Make sure you don’t have more than one drink; the cops are patrolling with breathalysers.
breathalyser meaning
  • British + exit = Brexit
    example – Who in their right mind voted for Brexit?
Brexit meaning
  • camera + recorder = camcorder
    example – I`m definitely taking the camcorder on my safari holiday.
camcorder meaning
  • chill + relax = chillax
    example – My mum needs to chillax, she’s going to make herself ill.
chillax meaning
  • chuckle + snort = chortle
    example – That was so funny, I couldn’t help but chortle to myself.
chortle meaning
  • cybernetic + organism = cyborg
    example – You need to watch Terminator, it`s about a cyborg.
cyborg meaning
  • electricity + execute = electrocute
    example – Don’t touch the socket with wet hands, you`ll electrocute yourself.
electrocute meaning
  • electronic + mail = email
    example – I just need to check my emails, then I’ll be with you.
email meaning
  • emotion + icon = emoticon
    example – I taught my mum how to use emoticons, now she keeps bombarding me with them.
emoticon meaning
  • fan + magazine = fanzine
    example – I`ve unsubscribed to the fanzine for the club, it`s awful.
fanzine meaning
  • fantastic + fabulous = fantabulous
    example – Darling, fantabulous party last night. I can’t wait for the next one.
fantabulous meaning
  • Fourteen + night = fortnight
    example – My first exam is in a fortnight.
fortnight meaning
  • Frankenstein + food = Frankenfood
    example – I`m not eating any of that Frankenfood, just organic fruit and veg for me.
Frankenfood meaning
  • friend + enemy = frenemy
    example – She`s my frenemy. We put up with each other, but I secretly hate her guts.
frenemy meaning
  • giant + enormous = ginormous
    example – I found a shop that sells ginormous pancakes with any topping you like!
ginormous meaning
  • glamorous + camping = glamping
    example – We`ll be glamping this year, it rained so much last year all our stuff got destroyed.
glamping meaning
  • gleam + shimmer = glimmer
    example – Look at my new car glimmering in the sun.
glimmer meaning
  • global + English = Globish
    example – My boss is sending me on a Globish course, so I can communicate better with our clients.
Globish meaning
  • guess + estimate = guesstimate
    example – I`d guesstimate the price to be around $40 per unit.
guesstimate meaning
  • hungry + angry = hangry
    example – Give the baby a snack, he gets hangry mid-afternoon.
hangry meaning
  • huge + monstrous = humongous
    example – HELP! There`s a humongous spider on my bed.
humongous meaning
  • international + network = internet
    example – No internet for a week Timmy! If you can’t tidy your room, you can’t have the internet.
internet meaning
  • lion + tiger = liger
    example – Have you seen the cross between a lion and a tiger? It looks lush, it`s called a liger.
liger meaning
  • malicious + software = malware
    example – You need better security on your tablet, there`s lots of malware flying around the net.
malware meaning
  • man + bikini = mankini
    example – Please don’t wear your mankini, it’s embarrassing.
mankini meaning
  • mock + cocktail = mocktail
    example – Only mocktails for me tonight, I’m driving.
mocktail meaning
  • motor + hotel = motel
    example – There`s a nicer motel around the corner, let`s go there.
  • motor + pedal = moped
    example – My son wants a moped, I said over my dead body.
moped meaning
  • multiple + complex = multiplex
    example – A new multiplex cinema is being built soon.
multiplex meaning
  • Oxford + Cambridge = Oxbridge
    example – I`m so clever, my teacher thinks I could go to Oxbridge.
Oxbridge meaning
  • parachute + troops = paratrooper
    example – I`d love to be a paratrooper.
paratrooper meaning
  • romantic + comedy = romcom
    example – I`m going to make my boyfriend watch a romcom tonight, he secretly loves them.
romcom meaning
  • sex + texting = sexting
    example – I caught my boyfriend sexting his ex.
sexting meaning
  • shock + documentary = shockumentary
    example – I was gobsmacked watching a shockumentary about drugs and crime last night.
shockumentary meaning
  • slang + language = slanguage
    example – Please don’t use slanguage around the boss.
slanguage meaning
  • smoke and fog = smog
    example – The smog is so bad in Beijing, people have to wear masks.
smog meaning
  • Spanish + English = Spanglish
    example –  Just speak Spanglish, then we can all understand.
Spanglish meaning
  • spoon + fork = spork
    example – Have you seen a spork? It’s great for travelling.
spork meaning
  • sports + broadcast = sportscast
    example – I love the Olympics, there are sportscasts all day!
sportscast meaning
  • squirm + wiggle = squiggle
    example – Look at that little fish squiggling around in its tank.
squiggle meaning
  • stay + vacation = staycation
    example – We can`t afford to go anywhere this year, so we`re having a staycation instead.
staycation meaning
  • television + marathon = telethon
    example – I’m watching a telethon to raise money for the dogs in Morocco.
telethon meaning
  • video + log = vlog
    example – I need to update my vlog, my parents love seeing what I’ve been up to.
vlog meaning
  • web + seminar = webinar
    example – We`ve got a webinar at 9 am sharp.
webinar meaning
  • work + alcoholic = workaholic
    example – You need to slow down! You`re a workaholic, you`ll end up killing yourself one day.
workaholic meaning
list of blend words with examples
list of blend words with examples

You can download a table of blend words here.

blend words in use

I’ve made a few stories containing blend words. See if you can understand them.

blending words practice
blending words practice

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