present simple tense exercises

Test yourself with these present simple tense exercises and worksheets. Tense structures are a very important part of English grammar. They help you to correctly construct basic through to very difficult sentences.


Let’s begin, the answers are at the bottom of the pictures if you get stuck. If you are having trouble answering these questions, take a look at my present simple tense page for some help.

HOT TIP – Head to my irregular verbs page if you get stuck. It is also beneficial if you are up to speed with sentence structure too.

Good luck!

Present simple practice

For this first batch of exercises, you need to read the title to see which verb you’re to use, then fill in the blanks with the correct format.


HOT TIP – You should know the third person singular rules to help you fill in the worksheet. If you’re not aware of the rules, you can find them here.

Present simple tense exercises - eat
Present simple tense exercises - play