Check out these travel idioms with different vehicles.

boat idioms

boat phrases
boat expressions - fresh off the boat
boat expressions - in the same boat
boat phrases - miss the boat
boat phrases - push the boat out
boat phrases - rock the boat
boat expressions - whatever floats your boat

ship idioms

ship expressions
ship expressions - jump ship
ship expressions - run a tight ship
ship expressions - shape up or ship out
ship expressions - ship off
ship expressions - ships (that pass) in the night
ship expressions - that ship has sailed
ship expressions - abandon a sinking ship
ship expressions - when one’s ship comes in

vehicle idioms

vehicle idioms
car expressions - car boot sale
lorry phrases - fall off the back of a lorry
train expressions - gravy train
vehicle idioms - hit and run
vehicle idioms - hitchhike
wagon idioms - on the wagon
vehicle idioms - rush hour
bus idioms - throw someone under a bus
train expressions - train of thought