Here is a list of idioms that come from other sports.

  • a big fish in a small pond
    meaning – someone who is important in a small area
    example – Joe was a big fish in a small pond. When he went to uni, that all changed.
  • balls up
    meaning – do a task/activity very badly
    example – I need to study hard this year. I don’t want to balls it up again.
  • brownie points
    meaning – imaginary points gained by doing good things
    example – I’ve done lots of overtime this week. I’ve earned some brownie points with the boss.
  • call the shots
    meaning – be in charge, make the decisions
    example – Luke is in charge of the project. He’ll be calling the shots.
  • jog on
    meaning – go away, disappear
    example – The sleazy guy at the bar soon jogged on when my boyfriend arrived.
  • on target
    meaning – accurate, likely to achieve what you’ve planned
    example – We’re still on target to meet the deadline. Keep up the good work.
  • take the bull by the horns
    meaning – confront a problem head on, be brave and direct
    example – I’ve had enough of his bad attitude, I’ll take the bull by the horns and fire him.

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